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  Documents from the Colonial Era
1787 to 1961 Colonial Governors
Colonial officials from the Province of Freedom until Independence.
1792 Governor Clarkson's Prayer for Sierra Leone
This prayer by Sierra Leone's first governor-general still hangs today in many homes in Freetown.

The Amistad Revolt
Arthur Abraham's pamphlet, "The Amistad Revolt: An Historical Legacy of Sierra Leone and the United States." Published by the U.S. Information Service in 1987; re-published in 1988.

1839 The Amistad Case, Complete
Summaries and handwritten letters
1839 Faces of the Amistad Victims
Contemperaneous drawings by New Haven, Connecticut resident William H. Townsend

Treaty Between Sierra Leone & Locco Marsamma

Treaty concluded between Norman William Macdonald, Captain-General and Governor-In-Chief of the Colony of Sierra Leone, and Ba Mauro, King of the Locco Marsamma.


Freetown in 1848
The ethnic makeup of the Freetown colony in 1848.


Missionary Report
Transcribed 1853 report of the UBC missionaries W.J. Shuey, D.C. Kumler and D.K. Flickinger to the leadership of their church on their lengthy trip around Sierra Leone, looking for locations where mission outposts could be established.

1808-1861 Captured slave ships brought to Freetown for trial
Cases brought before the British Vice Admiralty Court and (later) the Mixed Commission Court in Freetown, Sierra Leone.
1821-1881 Maritime Museum Index
Pictures from Sierra Leone which are on display at the Maritime Museum in Greenwich, UK.
11 August 1885 Cap. LXXXV
An Act for carrying into effect the Engagements between Her Majesty and certain Chiefs of the Sherbro Country near Sierra Leone in Africa for the more effectual Suppression of the Slave Trade.
1886 Sherbro and the Sherbros
Daniel F. Wilberforce, United Brethern Publishing House
27 May 1898 Bai Bureh's Protest
Published in the Dover Express (Britain), sixth column
8 June 1898 Rebel Leader (Bai Bureh) Desires Peace
The Dundee Courier
24 December 1898 Bai Bureh Sketch
The Illustrated London News
28 December 1898 The Fate of Bai Bureh
The Newcastle Daily Journal (Britain), third column
25 March 1899 Military Operations in Sierra Leone: Scenes in the Kissi Country
Military operations in Bandajuma, in the Illustrated London News
29 December 1899 Hut Tax War Report
The London Gazette
1907 Superintendent's Report
Sierra Leone Mission
1920 Partition of Africa
Published by H.M. Stationery Office
1926 The 1926 Slave Revolt in Sierra Leone
By Alfred Arkley. Presented at International Conference, Sierra Leone Past & Present, Freetown, Sierra Leone, on 26 April 26 2012. Revised on 15 February 2013.
22 January 1955 On Safari With a Camera in West Africa
The Sphere (Britain)

Post Independence Documents

30 April 1960 The Future of Sierra Leone: A Conference in London to decide the date of "Independence Day."
The Sphere (Britain)
22 March 1961 Adoption in British Parliament on the Sierra Leone Independence Bill
28 March 1961 Sierra Leone Independence Act 1961
British Parliament
27 April 1961 Achievements in Sierra Leone
Department of Information, Sierra Leone. Produced for Independence Day, 27th April 1961 (Scanned presentation copy from Ambassador William Fitzjohn to President John F. Kennedy)
April 1961 Video documentary on Sierra Leone's Independence
Pathé (British)
18-24 April 1961 Draft Response by President John F. Kennedy to Sierra Leone's Representantive, Dr. William Fitzjohn
Expression of regret after Dr. Fitzjohn was refused service at a restaurant in Maryland, to be delivered on the date of Sierra Leone's independence.
29 April 1961

Messages from Commonwealth Leaders on Sierra Leone's Independence
The Sphere (Britain)

7 June 1962 Television Comes to Sierra Leone
Television Today
1961-1962 Official US Documents Relating to Sierra Leone
US State Department
9 December 1961 The Royal Visit to Sierra Leone
The Illustrated London News
16 December 1961 End of the Tour
Queen Ends Tour of West Africa - The Sphere (Britain)
9 June 1962 Sierra Leone: The First General Election Since Independence
The Sphere (Britain), "The Voice of the Commonwealth"
1 June 1963 Sierra Leone: The El Dorado of West Africa
The Sphere (Britain)
30 April 1964 Challenge to Sierra Leone Merger of Colony with Protectorate
The Birmingham Post (Britain)
9 May 1964 Death of Sir Milton Margai
The Sphere (London) [Note: Independence Day was 27April 1961, not in July 1960.]
1 April 1967 Army Coup in Sierra Leone
Unknown newspaper
  A Decade of Conflict and the Road to Peace
1991-2002 GOSL Statements and Documents
Speeches and press releases from President Kabbah's government prior to and during his government-in-exile and Conakry, and following its restoration.
1991-2002 AFRC and RUF Statements and Documents
Speeches, press releases and letters, 1997-1999.
1991-2002 Other Statements and Documents
Speeches, statements, documents, and testimony from the political opposition, other governments, and the United Nations.
December 1992-January 1993 British Cables on Execution of more than 20 Persons by the NPRC
Foreign and Commonwealth Office (Britain), released subject to a Freedom of Information act request dated 11 May 2016.
15-17 August 1995 Report of the First National Consultative Conference on the Electoral Process (Bintumani I Conference)
12 February 1996 Report of the Second National Consultative Conference on the Electoral Process (Bintumani II Conference)
30 November 1996 Abidjan Peace Accord
Peace agreement signed in Abidjan by the Government of Sierra Leone and the RUF.
23 October 1997 Conakry Accord
The six-month peace plan for Sierra Leone between ECOWAS and the Armed Forces Revolutionary Council.
17 April 1999 Ceasefire Agreement (Lome)
The ceasefire agreement signed between the Government of Sierra Leone and the RUF in Lome, Togo.
7 July 1999 Lome Peace Accord
The peace agreement between the Sierra Leone government and the Revolutionary United Front of Sierra Leone to end the country's eight-year civil war.
10 November 2000 Abuja Ceasefire Agreement
Text of the 30-day ceasefire agreement between the Government of Sierra Leone and the RUF.
2004 TRC Report
Final report of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission
  Postwar Documents
9 September 2015 Alhaji Samuel Sam-Sumana v. the Attorney-General and Minister of Justice and Victor Bockarie Foh
The Supreme Court decision upholding the legality of the president's dismissal of the vice-president.
27 April 2011 Sierra Leone's Golden Jubilee
A PDF copy of the book printed for Sierra Leone's Golden Jubilee.
27 April 2016

55th Independence Anniversary
By Ade Daramy. A PDF copy published for Sierra Leone's 55th independence anniversary.

27 April 2016

Sierra Leone History Slideshow
Video of historic photos. Created by Ade Daramy for Sierra Leone's 55th independence anniversary.

12 May 2018 Handing Over Notes of Former President Ernest Bai Koroma to H.E. President Julius Maada Bio
4 July 2018 Governance Transition Team (GTT) Report
Report into alleged financial abuses of the previous government.