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Gary Schulze has scanned his entire Sierra Leone historic postcard collection for the Sierra Leone Web. Eventually more than 500 postcards, spanning over a century of Sierra Leone's history, will be posted and restored.

Click on the thumbnails below to view full-sized versions, ranging from one to four megabytes each.

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Publisher: W.S. Johnston. Caption: King Prempeh of Ashantee and his parents with their immediate attendants as political prisoners at Freetown, Sierra Leone.

[King Otumfuo Nana Prempeh I was captured by the British in 1896 and exiled in Freetown from 1897 to 1900.]

Caption: Sir C. A. King Harman, Governor of Sierra Leone &c. His Excellency Giving the Royal Salute. Medals for Bravery at Ashanti about to be presented.

[Ca. 1900. The British "Ashanti Expedition" took place between 7 December 1895 and 17 January 1896. Sir Charles Anthony King-Harman was Governor of Sierra Leone from December 1900 to October 1904.]

Publisher: Lisk-Carew Bros., Freetown. Caption: Kennema, Sierra Leone. Caption: West African Regt., trying the prisoner as they appear at Olympia, England.
Caption: Street Scene, Freetown. Caption: Cline Town shewing Bishop Crowther's Memorial Church, Freetown.

Caption: Big Market on a Saturday.

[Freetown's Big Market was burnt down in 1999 during the January 6 rebel attack on Freetown. It was rebuilt after the war ended at its location on Wallace Johnson Street in Central Freetown.]

Caption: The Laying of the Foundation Stone of the Albert Academy Freetown by G.B. Haddon Smith Esqr. C.M.G.

[Sir George Basil Haddon-Smith C.M.G. (Companion of the Order of St. Michael and St. George) was Colonial Secretary. He later served as Governor of the Windward Islands from 1914 to 1923.]

Caption: Children beating Judas on Good Friday. Caption: Law Courts, Freetown, Sierra Leone.
Caption: Water Street shewing Compagnie Française and Telegraph Company. Caption: Sierra-Leone, Freetown - A Corner.
Caption: Going Aboard - Freetown. Publisher: National Tourist Board and IPC. Caption: Twin Rivers.
Caption: English soldiers in Freetown, around 1920. Description: Governor Charles Anthony King-Harman and expatriate community in Freetown, ca. 1904.
Caption: Sierra Leone, Native Kiddies.

Caption: Sierra Leone, Dessert Tribes.

[The climate of Sierra Leone is tropical; although the postcard claimed to depict Sierra Leoneans, it clearly did not.]

Caption: Susu Bondo Party, Sierra Leone. Publisher: Lisk-Carew Bros., Freetown. Caption: Nichols Bridge, Freetown, Sierra Leone.

Caption: The Alimamis and Alphas in Sierra Leone, present at the Durbar held during the celebration of the Coronation of H.M. King Edward VII.

[King Edward VII was crowned "King of the United Kingdom and the British Dominions and Emperor of India" on 22 January 1901.]

Publisher: M. & Co., Nachf., Berlin. Caption: "Die Reise um die Welt." Gouvernementsgebäude. Government House, Bonthe, on Sherbro Island; Alte Rathgeber-Garegas. British Guinea, Freetown. Caption: With Every Good Wish. Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a Bright and very Happy New Year.
Publisher: Lisk-Carew Bros., Freetown, Sierra Leone. Caption: A hysterical acrobat, hammock dance, Sierra Leone.