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21st Century(2001-present)

Sierra Leone's Golden Jubilee

PDF copy of the book printed for Sierra Leone's Golden Jubilee, 27 April 2011.

55th Independence Anniversary Ebook

PDF copy. By Ade Daramy for Sierra Leone's 55th independence anniversary, 27 April 2016.

The UN and Sierra Leone: An Enduring Relationship

Historic photos of Sierra Leone from the United Nations Photo Library. By Ade Daramy.

The Chiefdoms of Sierra Leone

By Tristan Reed and James A. Robinson, 2013. Gives the history of Sierra Leone's chiefdoms and their ruling houses. The original link is to Harvard University Department of Economics.

Sierra Leonean Heroes

Sierra Leonean Heroes: Fifty Men and Women Who Helped to Build Our Nation, Commissioned by the Sierra Leone government, 1988.

Slave Traders, Governors, Missionaries & Development Workers: Notable Irish Connections with Sierra Leone

Written by Seán Farren, and published in 2011 by the Sierra Leone Irish Partnership.

20th Century(1901-2000)

Language Manuals
Krio, Mende, Temne, Sherbro

The White Man's Grave: A Visit to Sierra Leone, in 1834, Volume I

By F. Harrison Rankin, 1936. Scanned by Google.

Imperialism: A Study

By J.A. Hobson, 1902. Examines the Hut Tax and resulting conflict. Scanned by Google.

Affairs of West Africa

By Edmund D. Morel, E.D.M., 1902. Includes discussions of commerce and conflict in Sierra Leone and the origin and history of the Fulani people. Scanned by Google.

19th Century (1801-1900)

Life, Scenery and Customs in Sierra Leone and the Gambia, Volume I

By Thomas Eyre Poole, 1850. Scanned by Google.

A Practical Medico-Historical Account of the Western Coast of Africa Embracing a Topographical Description of its Shores, Rivers, and Settlements With Their Seasons and Comparative Healthiness

By James Boyle, M.C.S.L., 1831. Scanned by Google.

Journal of a Voyage from Plymouth to Sierra Leone, ed. by H. Caswall, Volume 4

By William Latimer Neville, 1858. Scanned by Google.

Present State of the Colony of Sierra Leone, Being Extracts of Recent Letters from Hannah Kilham

By Hannah Kilham, 1832. Scanned by Google.

Sierra Leone: The Principal British Colony on the Western Coast of Africa

By William Whitaker Shreeve, 1817. Scanned by Google.

Postscript to the Reply "Point by Point"

By Robert Thorpe, 1815. Scanned by Google.

Travels in Madeira, Sierra Leone, Teneriffe, St. Jago, Prices Island, etc. etc.

By James Holman, R.N., F.R.S., 1840. Scanned by Google.

Travels in the Timannee, Kooranko, and Soolima Countries, in Western Africa

Published in 1825. By Major Alexander Gordon Laing.

An Account of the Native Africans in the Neighbourhood of Sierra Leone; to which is added, an account of the present state of medicine among them.

Thomas Winterbottom M.D., Physician to the Colony of Sierra Leone, 1803. Scanned by Google.

Sierra Leone, or the Liberated Africans, in a Series of Letters from a Young Lady to Her Sister in 1833 and 34

By Mary Church. Published in 1835.

The History of Portugal from the Reign of D. Diniz to the Reign of D. Alfonso V., Volume II

By Edward McMurdo, 1889. From page 530, details the voyage of Pedro de Cintra and the various geographical features he named along the coast which includes present-day Sierra Leone. Scanned by Google.

A Residence at Sierra Leone

By Elizabeth Melville, edited by Hon. Mrs. Norton, 1849. Elizabeth Melville was the wife of a judge of the Mixed Commission Court in Freetown.

Sierra Leone After a Hundred Years

By the Right Rev. Ernest Graham Ingraham, D.D. Bishop of Sierra Leone, 1894. Scanned by Google.

Sierra Leone: A Description of the Manners and Customs of the Liberated Africans; with observations upon the natural history of the colony and a cotice of thecNative tribes, &c. &c.

By Robert Clarke, M.R.C.S., 1843. Scanned by Google.

A Letter to William Wilberforce, Esq., M.P., Vice President of the African Institution, &c. &c. &c. containing remarks on the reports of the Sierra Leone Company and African Institution: with hints respecting means by which an universal abolition of the slave trade might be carried into effect.

By Robert Thorpe, 1815. Scanned by Google.

Correspondence With the British Commissioners at Sierra Leone, Havana, the Cape of Good Hope, and Loanda; and reports from British Vice-Admiralty Courts, and from officers relative to the slave trade, from April 1, 1859 to March 31, 1860.

Presented to both Houses of Parliament by Command of Her Majesty, 1860. Scanned by Google.

Journal of the House of Comments, Vol. 69

British House of Commons, Sessions 1813-1814. Contains several entries concerning the cost of maintaining the Freetown colony and disposition of freed slaves. Scanned by Google.

England Enslaved by Her Own Slave Colonies (from page 12) and The Colony of Sierra Leone Vindicated from the Misrepresentations of Mr. Macqueen of Glasglow (from page 212)

By James Stephen Esq.; By Kenneth Macaulay, 1826. Scanned by Google.

Life and Letters of Zachary Macaulay

By his granddaughter, Viscountess Knutsford, 1900. Macaulay was twice Governor of Sierra Leone between 1794 and 1799. Scanned by Google.

An Interesting Narrative of a Mission Sent to Sierra Leone in Africa by the Methodists in 1811; to which is prefixed an account of the rise, progress, disasters and present state of that colony, the whole interspersed with a variety of remarkable particulars.

By Thomas Coke, LL.D., General Superintendent of the Missions, 1812. Scanned by Google.

A Complete Collection of the Treaties and Conventions, and Reciprocal Regulations at Present Subsisting Between Great Britain and Foreign Powers

By Sir Edward Hertslet, C.B., 1880. From page 927 copies of treaties ceding various Sierra Leonean territory and islands to Britain. Scanned by Google.

Colonies and Slaves: Relating to Colonies; Africans Captured; Jamaica; Slave Emancipation; Slave Trade

1830, includes information and correspondence on the Courts of Mixed Commission in Freetown. Scanned by Google.

A History of the Colonization of Africa by Alien Races

By Sir Harry H. Johnston, K.C.B., 1899. Includes initial contacts by Carthage, Portugal and Britain. Scanned by Google.

Prince Henry the Navigator

By Charles Raymond Beazley, 1894. Scanned by Google.

On a Collection of Sierra Leone Lepidoptera

By W. Schaus, F.Z.S. and W.G. Clements, Surgeon-Caption A.M.S., 1893. Scanned by Google.

The Colonial Controversy, containing a refutation of the calumnies of the Anticolonists; the state of Hayti, Sierra Leone...and the state of free and slave labourers in those countries

By James McQueen, 1825. Scanned by Google.

Report by Her Majesty's Commissioner and Correspondence on the Subject of the Insurrection in the Sierra Leone Protectorate 1898

Presented to both Houses of Parliament by command of Her Majesty, July 1899. Scanned by Google.

Friends' Intelligencer and Journal (Vol. LVI and XXVII)

Published in 1899. Recounts the story of Bai Bureh on p. 15-16 and mentions Sierra Leone on p. 260. Scanned by Google.

Outlines of a Grammar of the Vei Language, Together With a Vei-English Vocabulary, and an Account of the Discovery and Nature of the Vei Mode of Syllabic Writing

By S. W. Koelle, Church Missionary, 1854. Includes notes on the history of the Vai people. Scanned by Google.

Stanford's Compendium of Geography and Travel (New Issue), Africa Vol. I, North Africa

By A.H. Keane, F.R.G.S., 1895. Lists peoples of Sierra Leone from page 334. Scanned by Google.

Mission Work in Sierra Leone, West Africa

By The Rev. J.S. Mills, D.D., Bishop of the United Brethren in Christ, 1898. Scanned by Google.

Reports of the Vienna Universal Exhibition of 1873, Part I

Presented to Both Houses of Parliament by Command of Her Majesty, 1875. P. 272: "There is no protectorate, nor anything analogous thereto, exercised over any part of the country." Scanned by Google.

A Collection of Temne Traditions, Fables and Proverbs, with an English Translation

By The Rev. C.F. Schlenker, 1861. Scanned by Google.


18th Century (1701-1800)

Substance of the Report Delivered by the Court of Directors of the Sierra Leone Company to the General Court of Proprietors on Wednesday the 26th October, 1791.

By Court of Directors, Sierra Leone Company, 1791. Scanned by Google.

The Critical Review, Or, Annals of Literature, Volume 65

By Tobias George Smollett, 1788. Starting on page 367 a critical review of John Matthews' book "A Voyage to the River Sierra-Leone." Scanned by Google.

Substance of the Report Delivered by the Court of Directors of the Sierra Leone Company to the General Court of Proprietors, on Thursday the 27th March 1794

By Court of Directors, Sierra Leone Company, 1794. Scanned by Google.

Two Voyages to Sierra Leone during the years 1791-2-3

Published in 1794. By Anna Falconbridge.

Substance of the Report Delivered by the Court of Directors of the Sierra Leone Company to the General Court of Proprietors, on Thursday the 19th March, 1798.

By the Court of Directors, Sierra Leone Company, 1798. Scanned by Google.

The Evangelical Magazine for 1795

Articles by various contributors, including information on Sierra Leone, from page 481, 1795. Scanned by Google.

The Parliamentary Register; or History of the Proceedings and Debates of the House of Commons, Vol. XXIX

House of Commons, from page 316, 1791. Scanned by Google.

The Monthly Review, Volume 79

By Ralph Griffiths. Article on Sierra Leone starts on page 238, 1788. Scanned by Google.

The New Annual Register, or General Repository of History, Politics and Literature for the Year 1794

Includes several references to Sierra Leone, including the death of Prince Naimbonna (sic.), 1794. Scanned by Google.

An Essay on Colonization, particularly applied to the Western Coast of Africa, with some free thoughts on cultivation and commerce; also brief descriptions of the colonies already formed, or attempted, in Africa, including those of Sierra Leona and Bulama

By C.B. Wadstrom, 1794. Scanned by Google.

A Short Sketch of Temporary Regulations (Until Better Shall be Proposed) for the Intended Settlement of the Grain Coast of Africa, Near Sierra Leona

By Granville Sharp, 1788. Scanned by Google.

An Authentic Account of the Late Expedition to Bulam, on the Coast of Africa; with a description of the present settlement of Sierra Leone, and the adjacent country

By Lady Judith Cohen Montefiore, 1794. Scanned by Google.

The Debate on a Motion for the Abolition of the Slave Trade, &c.

British Parliament, House of Commons, 1792. Scanned by Google.

The Universal Gazetteer, Being a Concise Description, Alphabetically the Known World

By John Walker, 1798. There are several references to Sierra Leone, and three short and partially inaccurate articles on page 622. Scanned by Google.

A Voyage to the River Sierra-Leone

Published in 1788. Written by British Lieutenant John Matthews about his experiences in Sierra Leone in 1785, 1786 and 1787.