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The following are illustrations from the 1901 book The Sherbro and its Hinterland, by T. J. Alldridge. Wikipedia: "T. J. Alldridge was the District Commissioner of Sherbro and undertook many important official journeys into the interior of the country including a complete circuit of the country as topographer accompanying the Governor, Sir F. Cardew in 1894. An accurate and intelligent observer, he formed an important ethnographic collection which was later dispersed by Oldman."



Illustration: Beh Sherbro of Yonni, Sherbro, supported by two sub-chiefs. Article: The Tasso Men of West Africa Article: The Tasso Men of West Africa

1994 Sierra Leone Bird Stamps Issue.

1994 Sierra Leone Bird Stamps Issue.

Sierra Leone postage stamp honoring the 1964 World's Fair. This was the world's first self-adhesive stamp. Sierra Leone beer bottle labels from the 1960s. All of these beers were brewed in Sierra Leone.
Dr. John Karefa-Smart with Dr. Milton Margai, 1963.

Dr. John Karefa-Smart, Sierra Leone's first Foreign Minister and two-time presidential candidate, at his home in Washington, D.C., 2009

1950 Signature of Sir Leslie Probyn, Governor of Sierra Leone from 1904 to 1910. Luggage label from the Paramount-Hotel, 1950's.
Sierra Leone Railways bus transfer coupon. Autographed photographs of Sir Albert Margai, second Prime Minister of Sierra Leone and younger brother of Sir Milton.
Description: Turn of the century fragmentary photograph of British expatriates in Sierra Leone (substantially digitally repaired). Tickets to the Provinces, Sierra Leone Railway, 1950's.
Lisk-Carew Brothers photograph of Governor King Harman on the grounds of the State House, Freetown, surrounded by the European expatriate community. Autographed picture of John J. Akar, Sierra Leone's first Director of Broadcasting after Independence, composed the National anthem, served as Ambassador to the U.S., 1970.
Description: Postcard published in 1958 to honour the U.N. International Atomic Energy Agency. Signed twice by Prime Minister Albert Margai. Original 1899 photograph by Lisk-Carew Brothers titled, "Freetown, Near Mt. Aureol."

Invitation to the 1st Anniversary of Sierra Leone's Independence, April 27, 1962 at Brookfield Stadium.

This original portrait of President Joseph Saidu Momoh was engraved by Czeslaw Slania, the most famous stamp engraver with over 1000 stamps to his credit. It bears his signature. For some reason the portrait was never used on any Sierra Leone bank notes or stamps. The series of bank notes issued from 1988-1993 showing Momoh's portrait were engraved by another artist, not by Slania.

Published by Lisk-Carew Brothers. This is a double-sized 1908 picture taken by the Lisk-Carew Brothers, which was probably sent in an envelope folded in half.  
Tobacco Card representing Sierra Leone in the early 1900s series, "History, A Development of the British Empire." Tobacco Card, reverse side.
Poro initiate, Bo District, 1962. Poro initiates, Bo District, 1962
Mende Paramount Chief's trumpet, used to herald the arrival and departure of the chief. Photograph of Dr. Edward Beccles, Bishop of Sierra Leone, 1863-69, died December 1902. Photo by Mason & Co., Old Bond street, London.

Dr. John Karefa-Smart, Sierra Leone's first Minister of Foreign Affairs, addressing the United Nations General Assembly, New York City, 1963

Dr. John Karefa-Smart, Sierra Leone's first Minister of Foreign Affairs, addressing the United Nations General Assembly, New York City, 1963

A Company Group 1 PARA on Spearhead stand-by at the end of August 2000 were sent to support an SAS operation in Sierra Leone to release British soldiers held hostage by a rebel band called the West Side Boys. This souvenir cigarette lighter was used by British commandos who took part in the rescue. The front side is engraved: 1 PARA, SEPTEMBER 2000, READY FOR ANYTHING." The reverse side reads: "ASSAULT ON GBERI BANA, HOSTAGE RELEASE SUCCESSFUL."
Photograph of British civil servants in Freetown, taken by Lisk-Carew Brothers, c.1909. British airmen at their Royal Air Force headquarters during WWII, Waterloo, Sierra Leone, 1943.
Satin Coat of Arms of Pre-Independence Sierra Leone provided in packs of cigarettes by W.D. & H.O. Wills, London. One of a series of Arms of the British Empire, 1920's. Another flannel cigarette card depicting Sierra Leone's Coat of Arms, 1920's, printed by a British tobacco company.
Another cigarette card, 1920's. Photograph of Sierra Leone soldier, West African Frontier Forces, 1920's
Photograph of Sir Charles Anthony King Harman, 1904, Governor of Sierra Leone, using an early photography technique called VanderNeyde Light. London, England. Autographed picture of Sir Maurice Henry Dorman, Governor of Sierra Leone until Independence after which he he became Governor-General became Sierra Leone's first Governor-General.
Sir Banja Tejan-Sie, Governor-General of Sierra Leone's Christmas card, 1970. Autographed photograph of Sir Banja Tejan-Sie, Governor General of Sierra Leone from 1970 to 1971.
Autographed photograph of Sir Milton Margai, first Prime Minister of Sierra Leone, taken in 1961 at the time of Independence. Official photograph of Sir Albert Margai, Prime Minister of Sierra Leone, published by the Sierra Leone Government Tourist Board, 1964.
Presentation portrait of Siaka Stevens, President of Sierra Leone. Autographed picture of Siaka Stevens, President of Sierra Leone.
3rd Class ticket, Sierra Leone Railway, 1966. Liquor bottle label, bottled by M. Jourdan & Co., Freetown, 1950's.
This metal enameled sign (12"x18") bears the crest of the Sierra Leone Regiment of the Royal West African Frontier Force, and hung in the Officers Mess at Sandhurst Military Academy, England. Each British West African regiment, including Ghana and Nigeria, had their own unique crest. Many of Sierra Leone's senior officers at the time of Independence, including Andrew Juxon-Smith, John Bangura, Ambrose Genda, David Lansana and Joseph Momoh, were graduates of Sandhurst (front side). Reverse side.
Original photograph of British Captains Wilson and Terry with Lt. Airey of the West African Frontier Forces, Freetown, July 1899. Photograph by Lisk-Carew Brothers. Mrs. Shirley Gbujama, Sierra Leone Ambassador to Ethiopia, with Emperor Haile Sellasie's Chief of Staff who is about to invite her to inspect the Guard of Honour, 1972.
Autographed photo of Sorie Ibrahim Koroma, Vice-President under Siaka Stevens. Safety Instructions, Sierra Leone Airways Boeing 707, circa 1960s.
An English cigarette card issued by W.D. & H.O. Wills in 1929, entitled "Hoisting A Boat Aboard a Royal Navy Ship". The card represents Sierra Leone in the series "Flags of The World."