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Ceasefire Agreements and Peace Accords
Abidjan Accord (November 1996), Conakry Accord (October 1997), Ceasefire Agreement (April 1999), Lome Accord (July 1999), and Ceasefire Agreement (November 2000).

TRC Final Report
The final report of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission.

TRC Report: A Senior Secondary School Version
A school textbook version of the TRC Report, produced by the Truth and Reconciliation Working Group.

Key TRC Testimonies
TRC testimony by then-President Ahmad Tejan Kabbah, then-Minority Leader Ernest Bai Koroma, Derek Smith (on behalf of the British High Commission) and U.S. Ambassador Peter Chaveas.

AFRC and RUF Statements and Documents
Speeches, press releases and letters, 1997-1999.

GOSL Statements and Documents
Speeches and press releases from President Kabbah's government prior to and during his government-in-exile and Conakry, and following its restoration.

Other Statements and Documents
Speeches, statements, documents, and testimony from the political opposition, other governments, and the United Nations.

Photos from the Conflict
Images of atrocities and damage from the war.