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Uniform badge worn by Sierra Leone Road Transport bus drivers in the 1950s. Metal cap badge worn by guards at the Sierra Leone Prisons.
Rare metal cap badge worn by members of the Native Administration Messenger Service who worked for the Paramount Chiefs in the Sierra Leone Protectorate prior to Independence. Pewter cap badge worn by members of the Sierra Leone Red Cross Society.
Large brass cap badge worn by Sierra Leone Police officers on their pith helmets during the Colonial period. Cap badge for a Sierra Leone Air Force pilot.
Uniform buttons, NAMF. Collar insignia worn by the Sierra Leone Police before Independence.
Uniform arm patches bearing the symbol of the Sierra Leone Battalion, West African Frontier Forces. These patches were worn by Sierra Leonean senior officers attending the Sandhurst Military. Boy Scouts of Sierra Leone regional uniform arm patches.
Badge from detention staff at the Special Court for Sierra Leone. Regimental Arm Patch, Sierra Leone Armed Forces.
Bronze Medal issued in 1969 to commemorate the development of the Port of Freetown, which included the extension of the Queen Elizabeth II Quay. Front Side. Reverse Side.
This is a mystery badge believed to have been ordered from a British manufacturer during the reign of the NPRC. The badges were never sent to Sierra Leone, presumably because the NPRC was no longer in power. At the base of the badge are the letters "F.N.A." Pewter cap badge worn by Sierra Leone Police officers, post-Independence.

East & West Africa Medal with bar, "Sierra Leone, 1898-99", awarded by Queen Victoria to the British and African troops who fought in the Hut Tax War against Bai Bureh.

Front of the East & West Africa Medal.

Back of East & West Africa Medal.

This medal was awarded to Private S.J. Coulson of the Sierra Leone Frontier Police.

General Service Medal awarded to Sierra Leoneans by Queen Elizabeth II (Front) General Service Medal awarded to Sierra Leoneans by Queen Elizabeth II (Back)
East & West Africa Medal, bar "1887-8", awarded by Queen Victoria for operations against the Yonnie Tribe. This medal is engraved around the rim to "Mr. J. Best, 1st West Indian Regiment". West Indian troops were often used by the British in Sierra Leone. The reverse of the medal is the same as the Hut Tax War medal. Cap Badge, Sierra Leone Colonial Police, worn by police in the Colony area, 1940s.
Watch fob awarded to an expatriate engineer by Sierra Leone Railway in 1919. The fob is engraved: "Safety - Efficiency - Despatch" on the front side. Reverse side of watch fob, engraved "Sierra Leone, 1913 - 19".
Sierra Leone Independence Medal (Front) Sierra Leone Independence Medal (Back)
Rare silver crown from a swagger stick belonging to an officer in the Sierra Leone Regiment of the Royal West African Frontier Force. The crown shows a lion with the inscription, "W.A.R." for West African Regiment, and "Sierra Leone, Ashanti 1900", commemorating participation in the Ashantee War in the Gold Coast. The king, or "Assantahene", was deposed from his throne and later exiled in Freetown.
Silver crown of a swagger stick belonging to a senior Sierra Leone Police officer during the colonial period. Until Independence, all of the senior police officers were white British expatriates.
1807 Sierra Leone Slave trade Abolition Slavery Medal. The reverse side, in Arabic, translates into: "Sale of slaves prohibited in 1807, Christian area, in the reign of George III, verily we are all brothers." Reverse side.
Silver crown which topped an officer's swagger stick, Sierra Leone Battalion, Royal West African Frontier Force. Somewhat less elaborate, this is the crown of a swagger stick used by junior officers of the British Royal West African Frontier Forces. It is made of a metal other than silver and the name of the regiment is abbreviated to "W.A.F.F." 
Colonial Police Badge, Kailahun District, pre-Independence.
Blazer Patch, Coat of Arms of Fourah Bay College, the University of Sierra Leone.
Insignia Arm Patch for a General, Republic of Sierra Leone Armed Forces. Shoulder insignia for a Colonel in the Republic of Sierra Leone Armed Forces.
Medal awarded to UN peacekeeping troops (UNAMSIL) sent to Sierra Leone at the end of the country's civil war. Medal awarded to British troops for any of five operations in Sierra Leone in the 1990s against the RUF and the West Side Boys, including "Operation Barras", the SAS rescue mission.