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issued by
the Joint GoSL / RUF / UNAMSIL Committee on
Disarmament, Demobilisation and Reintegration

In order to address the issue of cease-fire violations in Kono District., which were unanimously condemned by the Joint Committee, the meeting agreed as follows:

  1. given that infrastructure issues had been addressed and that the DDR camp in Yengema has become operational, all combatants should be instructed by their commanders to promptly report to the designated reception centres with their weapons for immediate disarmament, with a view to completing disarmament in Kono District by 31 July 2001;
  2. as a confidence-building measure, all checkpoints in Kono District should be dismantled as of 18 July 2001. Checkpoints, if required, would be erected and manned by UNAMSIL;
  3. In order to allow a smooth completion of the disarmament process, a total moratorium on all mining activities in Kono District comes into force as of 18 July 2001;
  4. In order to avoid future clashes between armed combatants in Kono District, no combatants will be allowed to carry weapons except on their way to reception centres, under the supervision of their commanders.

2. A joint committee, comprising representatives of the CDF, the RUF and UNAMSIL, will be established on the ground to monitor the implementation of this agreement.

Solomon Berewa
Attorney-General and Minister of Justice

Omrie Golley
Chairman of the Political and Peace Council

Witnessed by UNAMSIL

Oluyemi Adeniji
Special Representative of the Secretary-General

Done in Bo, 17 July 2001