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Statement by the Presidency of the European Union
8 December 1997

The European Union recalls its declarations of 28 May, 20 June and 10 July on the coup that took place in Sierra Leone on 25 May. It would point out that it joined with ECOWAS, the OAU, the whole international community in unequivocally condemning the coup, which overthrew a democratically-elected government, and in calling for the return of the legitimate government to Freetown. It fully supports United Nations Security Council Resolution 1132 introducing sanctions against the military junta in Freetown.

The European Union supports the efforts made by the member states of ECOWAS, and in particular by the Committee of Five set up by ECOWAS, to find a peaceful solution to the crisis.

The European Union welcomes the peace agreement which was concluded on 23 October in Conakry by the military junta and the Committee of Five and accepted by President Kabbah. Among other things, the agreement provides for a return to constitutional order and the disarmament and demobilisation of combatants within six months.

The European Union urges all parties to the conflict to honour their commitments and to seek a peaceful resolution of their continuing disputes over the interpretation of certain provisions of the peace agreements. It exhorts them to continue along the path that has been chosen, for which the European Union is ready to give them every support.