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Agreed Minutes

During the visit undertaken by His Excellency Alhaji Dr. Ahmad Tejan Kabbah, President of the Republic of Sierra Leone to the Great Jamahiriya from 9th to 20th October, 2002, the Members of the Sierra Leonean Delegation met with the Libyan Experts from the various sectors and agreed as follows:

1. In the field of investment: 

It was agreed that Libyan Arab Investments Company will do the following:

  1. The opening of a commercial bureau in Freetown, Sierra Leone by one of its commercial companies in order in the offer made for the importation of medical equipment and other needs.
  2. To invest in the Brookfields Hotel in the Capital, Freetown
  3. To enlarge the production capacity of the existing water bottling plant in Freetown with a view to increase its production capacity which may produce a juice production industry.
  4. The investment in the field of ferry transportation within Sierra Leone.

2. In the field of oil and gas:

The two parties agreed that a technical delegation from the Company of Oil Investments will visit the Republic of Sierra Leone for the purpose of establishing:

  1. Tamoil Sierra Leone Ltd, and evaluate the available investment opportunities in the oil and gas industries.
  2. A joint company for oil exploration and extraction.

3. In the field of electricity:

The two parties agreed to examine possible co-operation in investment in the sector of electricity generation through Independent Power Production (I.P.P.).

In this regard, a draft agreement has been handed over to the Sierra Leonean Delegation for study and to be later signed by the General Electrical Company of Libya and the Ministry of Energy and Power of Sierra Leone.

Done at Tripoli on the 20th of October, 2002.

For the Sierra Leonean Side
Hon. Chief Sam Hinga Norman
Minister of Internal Affairs
For the Libyan Side
Dr. Ali A. Treki
Secretary of the General People's Committee
for African Unity