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Sankoh takes part in symbolic disarmanent
exercise in Segbwema, 10 April 2000. Photos from UNAMSIL.


RUF cadres waiting to meet Chairman Foday Sankoh before handing their weapons to UNAMSIL at a ceremony in Segbwema. RUFP Chairman Foday Sankoh takes a rifle from one of his combatants prior to a disarmament ceremony in Segbwema.
Foday Sankoh taking a rifle from one of his cadres. Sankoh gesturing to his cadres before the ceremony.
UNAMSIL Force Commander Major-General V.K. Jetley and U.N. Special Representative Oluyemi Adeniji prior to the symbolic disarmament ceremony in Segbwema. Three peacekeepers at a table registering ex-combatants at Segbwema.
UNAMSIL force commander Major-General V.K. Jetley, U.N. Special Representative Oluyemi Adeniji and RUFP Chairman Foday Sankoh before the disarmament ceremony in Segbwema. UNAMSIL peacekeeper taking an AK-47 assault rifle from an RUF combatant.
UNAMSIL peacekeeper checking the weapon he had just received from a combatant. Peacekeepers at a table registering combatants at Segbwema. One peacekeeper is affixing a plastic bracelet to an ex-combatant indicating his status as entering the DDR programme.