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Sierra Leone's Diplomatic Missions Abroad

Information on Sierra Leone's Embassies, High Commissions and UN Mission.



CIA World Factbook

(Link) The information is always not up-to-date or entirely accurate, but it provides a starting point for information about Sierra Leone.


A partial bibliography of books relating to Sierra Leone. Compiled by Peter C. Andersen

Bibliography of Studies on Population and Development

A bibliography of studies on population and development (2003). Compiled by Toma J. Makannah, Ph.D.

Wikipedia - Sierra Leone Page

(Link) The information is updated by users. As a consequence it is not always accurate and frequently contains factual errors.


2015 Census of Population and Housing in Sierra Leone.

Total population 7,092,113

2004 Census of Population and Housing in Sierra Leone

Analysis of Sierra Leone's 2004 population of 4,976,871. Link to Statistics Sierra Leone.

1985 Census of Population and Housing in Sierra Leone

The complete report of Sierra Leone's 1985 census, in MS Word format, with an analysis of the country's population of 3,515,812. Published by the Central Statistics Office (now Statistics Sierra Leone).