The Sierra Leone Web



The Sierra Leone Web Email and Biographical Directories date to February 1996, the same month the website first began. It is meant to reunite Sierra Leoneans and friends of Sierra Leone living inside Sierra Leone and around the world.

To include your name, update your listing, or to report a problem with an address, write to Please include your name and your email address, where you lived in Sierra Leone, and where you are living now. You may also include your school, university, or other educational institution.

If you wish to include your website or social networking page in your listing, please include the complete URL.

If your name and address don't appear on the email header, be sure to include them in the message text. It is generally adviseable to use a personal email address rather than an official address where possible to avoid unwanted "spam" emails. Also common on the web now are "scam", or fraudulent offers. Before responding to any such letter, check the Sierra Leone Web's information page on scams.


The Biographical Directory gives background information on those listed, and gives an idea of where people have been and what they are doing now. Please submit information in third-person narrative form ("he" and "they" instead of "I" and "we.") In order to prevent the directory from falling out of date, biographical listings are updated once a year. Listings which are not updated will eventually be removed.