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Photos of atrocity victims and Sierra Leonean refugees in Guinea.
The photos were taken in 1998 by Bill Christopher, U.S.
Department of State Bureau of Population, Refugees and Migration

Refugees in Guinea walking from Foreconiah to the transit center at Kobekoro. Refugee mother and child arrived in Foreconiah, Kissidougou Prefecture, Guinea a few hours earlier. They had fled their village in Kono a few days before.
Connaught Hospital. Boy "chopped" by the Revolutionary United Front. Sierra Leonean refugees, waiting for transport from Kobekoro, Guinea to a refugee camp. They had already walked from Sierra Leone to Foreconiah, Guinea, and an additional 23 kms from Foreconiah to Kobekoro transit center.
Sierra Leonean refugee registering with Guinean authorities at Kobekoro, after walking 23 kms. from Foreconiah, Guinea (impossible road for trucks -- 2 hrs and 15 minutes in 4 wheel drive landcruiser). Guinean authorities required only name, place of origin. Authorities were very cooperative. At Kobekoro transit center, refugees receive meals and a place to sleep for a few nights before being transported by the UNHCR to a refugee camp. Refugee at clinic in Kobekoro, Guinea.
Amputee victim at Connaught Hospital in Freetown. Walking from Foreconiah, Guinea to Kobekoro refugee transit center; will then be transported to a refugee camp in Guinea (Kissidougou region).
A refugee in Kobekoro. He suffered a gunshot wound when returned to Sierra Leone (after previously fleeing to Guinea) when he heard on the BBC that his village had been liberated. He fled back to Guinea. Connaught Hospital: Machete amputee by RUF.
Double amputee at Connaught Hospital in Freetown. Victim of the Revolutionary United Front: machete wounds and broken bones.