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Solomon R.S.L. Bangura, nicknamed "the Cognitive Senator, is a thinker, graphic designer, orator, tutor, counselor, poet, composer, etc. He was born and raised in Freetown. He started writing poetry in 2016 and believes it to be a lifetime hobby.



A New Name

A new name a new age.
Many errors have been corrected
A new lifestyle
I seem the way I want myself
And I felt total control of myself
I made the risk and my trails are a promise
I disdain a beaten path
So I trod my own. Two roads diverged
And I took the one less travel
If my trails got company
Then many roads Certainly leads to Rome
And that has made the difference!

Another Day Has Morn

Another day has morn
And I am tired
I am tired of those who have given up quickly
The race threaten them
And they be the frustrate
They'd been not the grateful by self
But they forsook their garmets
And dream'd of hopes
The dreamings unsalted
And the worms inherit
Such fortress

Another night has died
And I am tired
I am tired of thinking of these regretful memories
When the funeral recall poor legacies
Time recoil the memories of death
Vices! Just poor vices

They measure the length of time
And the token rest further
From Eden to Sweden
Lo! These barriers must be beaten.

Beggars Pride

Beggars pride is for begging
They are the misfit Athlete under the sun dome
By Virtue of their intent they are the treasures of heaven
Some lay in the wide they are the unhome
Big ants eat even their crumps where there is one beggars seven

Their nerves navigated by trembling when the cold breeze blown
Their bairns, hopes and determination propels by the walking stick
Their bones will be seasoned with chemist experiences when grown
Unletter'd partial letter'd from them that podium a shallow or no speak
They are the fibres that surface those concepts of life distinctions
Beggars have no choice not now until never.

Come To Gone

But last night again you came
With open talons
And wave a farewell with clenched fist
And you made your home rich and bright
With another man's sob

It was the year of drought
But now our eyes are flooded because of the memories
Our gardens henceforth flourish with weeds
And the sun ready to scorch my nursery
My new identity late, you came before the transplant

Please Honour me let me know it
Not by flesh, by breathe
Mounting me like the ark of covenant
To that temple which has no exit portal
And with discontent again you came
And your only gift is just a wakeless sleep.
Drink With Odin

Perplexed and befog and my crown boil in confusion
To know what is unknown
To seek behind the veil
I want to read the phantom scrolls
How did Moses split that sea
To know that then I will drink more than Odin

I am trapped in the snare of fantasy and my head
Swung in wonderment
To see the unseen
To transfigure fly and guide
Like that flame of Elijah horse ride
I wish I had seen that burning bush before Moses
If I know that. Well I will drink more than

For How Long?

The door wait solemnly Ajar
Wide and open indeed
The room swept clean waiting for his guest
And the floor beaten smooth with wet clay
To soak those feet of faraway sufferings
Healing those cracked palms toil with
Wait I sense something cluing all around like air
Aroming around like myhrr
Patrolling the beatings of my heart
Like beauty gasping for breath

But how can we be sure of impurities?
When erroness has not been cleared
Real forgings needs no mend
But let the rewards of my accomplishments flourish
And the burden of success in tarry
Until I am well informed.

Gidding Up Loins

I garment in feathers so the wind can carry me
I fall by the trees but the leaves can bear me
I fall by the waters but the waves boated me
Now in the poet ink pot how inspired me.

If I gid up my loins I can cross the red seas
Jesus in the courthouse a blasphem from the Pharisees
How can a nail go through that board without a force
And can success emerge without a cause?
But how can I jump that bridge without gidding up loins?

Now I am starving from bread no enough coins
Blame not me blame thyself
Change commence oneself
A fortnight seems not enough to spell LEGACY
Indeed time is boundless
But all in it is bound by time

Well cooked and we ate from the dishes of history
Shaped by society govern by ideas
But now the souls in silent sobs
Dying in sack cloth a little sympathy
Tomorrow is gone today is to come
Gidding up loins will be the ages of twilight
So when dawn came few errors worn.

It Will Be A Blessing If You Die

It will be a blessing if you die
Your lordship:
Your scales tremble from balance
Your lungs spat the serpent distinctions
Your books stained with the vowels of injustice
Your robe worthiness, the perfect heirloom for the dogs
Thy usefulness will soon fade under the sun
In hades I pray for you a perfect pay.

It will be a blessing if you die
Before you grip that staff:
Your pledgings and vows a nine days wonder
HOPE! a misnomer you used for the drowning souls betwixt
The lion mountain
Our purse is judge by mien
Your oratory is a minutia
You can't solve our perplexities
You forge promises
Our hopes will be granted the wheel of fortune
In hades I pray for you a perfect pay

It will be a blessing if you die
You medic imps that curl death
Under white garmets
Your restorations you claim is a transcience
That will transit us to the catacombs with white robes
to cover our bones
You toxicates our genes with synthetics
Woe! Nature is loosing her pride in chagrin
And soon the world will drink from the cup of ailments blessings
In Hades I pray for you a perfect pay

It will be a blessing if you die
Your truth is mixed with error
Thy far sightedness undo the curtains of the veil
But your crafts possessed cruelty
Why do you forge that perfect will
To subdue thy dictates?
It will be a blessing if you die
A blessing and indeed a blessing if you die.

Me And You With Us

Me and you with us
Though all men are here but the others can't see us
Slowly the privacies hmm what love can give us
Your other smile brings another memory and kill'd discuss
The wind can obstruct, the fishes jealous
Lo! The sand can't witch us

You and me glamour
Our upper lips and juicy buds will playmore
Let time bent and made us another day more
After that only sighs and no lurking can pray more

You seduce and I charm
Stealthy we did it when the childrens' learn
For all your plannings I have planned another perfect plan
If only you are sensitive enough
You will know the love I have for you is grand
But for only you and me WITHUS.

My Feature

My feature is the rainbow
Which can be seen but not touch by foes
I will enter in through a pen hole
On a white sheet of burning coal

And I know I once live by the hoe
When tender plants troubles grow
Delight not in my dress nor abode
Feeling of acute straws in my bed not alone

I am the arrow drawn with difficulties
The difficulties are not difficulties
But forging I to a new adam
So when the bower release ego I will be recorded as a hero.

Perfect Kisses

Slender and timid
Clever with beaut
She is the dew that flourish the blossoms
Her eyes kill my shadows
Her mouth gives me the glorious smiles

She outwit my wittiness
And my heart play the game crave
Her untasted lips tastes more than pure milk
Justice!. If you see the wind tomorrow
Locked it in the cell which has no exit portal

Nimbus cloud! Wait for her arrival
Before your sobs starts to cry
For I am jealous for both the wind and rain

Love! Tell her I'd wish her love
And my wish let them love
But if loveliness unwish my wishes
Then let love mend the wounds of my
Lovilness with your perfect kisses.

Self Growth

Left in the desert alone a feeble grace
Cold and tired like winters parade
The future is foggy no wisemen can trace
Much of thinker heedless comrades

Floored in ice floors but their promises compassed in holes
Mining for Midas now eyes blurs
Now agreed to my erroness forging the perfect souls
No heirloom to brag about, Ruth has not met Boaz
But His Lordship:

The pen and book can solve the riddle
Too much heat will surely showers
Boom! Not bombings my success cometh a winkle.
And his thoughts spark to and fro
His wishes mentored in Athens
The last hunt of providence with Nimrods bow
With combat horns and discipline floors my veins tremble

With honours and echoes of anthems
Daniel hand writing in motion Joseph has lost his dream stone
But the predictions yet to come
Where is the bride and groom of the soul?

The Cult

I hear a pilgrim of swimming cries
Wait wasn't it yester years?
It was, during the twilight of ignorance ties
At first at cheerful but soon fades and clears
His feet pedal with reluctancy
But soon with the last candle glow his interests drains
To drink with odin, but I know his ignorance measures in infancy
I was initiated to this cult and indeed I pass through pain
Flushed and refilled the feets of my cauldron reduced insane
The wild goat called stubborn refused a tame
But they shaped me through the red sea now I grazed not shame
I am the seed of Israel but to Egypt I am going again
Bats are praying for twilight but father lit the flame
I am imprisoned for ever the scrolls and inks my chains
My soul have been dipped deep in the bowl of sacrifice
And the blood stained my surplice.

The Flag Of Permanent Defeat

Tongues spits ill to devour hopes
A provoked to my doldrums
Attempt to ascend bottomless my persevere they jokes
I met no light but I have still vision
But my indigenes try to blind.

To know me is predictless
But in seasonal you can guess
Eyes in laughter but am cleaning up mess
But one day I will raise the flag of permanent defeat.

They shook hands to know texture palms
The justifications of robe and penuries
But suddenly an extended gap
His disgorge another's plans.

It was almost to the mark but again Januaries
Ago discourage me, but now fruitless
It was not his paths riddle with puzzles tools useless
Just from the catacombs of the hells
Accompanying the flags of your permanent defeat.

In attempt to break the suspense
I am the proverb of your dream'd hopes
Within your fingers in askance
I found the aperture of your slumbers
And mending the road for you to rest
But I'm still gathering stones to raise
The flag of permanent defeat.

The Lady In Purple

She can be found by the sea side
One Tuesday dawn came the wind with her perfect sigh
And I became inspired by that her perfect smile
Even her eyes rebukes me to be a gentleman's then try
While I like her in purple.

Her voice a melody that make me dream of her my bride
If I walk with her till my face flourish with pride
She is the perfect gentleman's guide
Even if the wind do not blow the morrow being with her I still glide
I love her the lady in purple.

I can cling to her like a shadow. My better half side
If I throne you only then timidity will die
If you love it in hide and seek. Just ask secret we can still hide
If you are afraid of too many cameras, then we can play it a far ride
Can she be my closest eve? The lady in purple.

Her body Slim and tender
With her my life goes Swift like xender
I like to imagine her by my side as I ponder
You are a beauty hmm you make me wonder
But she looks perfect I mean the lady in purple

The Morrow

If the morrow comes and my boat still wait in still rivers
Let the blind man lost his sight
And the dumbs prowess an excuseable advocate
Let the sailor, crave to pave for his ship
The dynasty of squaring pegs in round holes commence.

If the morrow comes and my mantle anchored
With knot ties of dirty deeds
Let blindness foresee the stars
And let the mountain of hope went before perseverance.

If the morrow comes like the pacific
And if the fishes go uncut
Let not the farm dug to soil it seed
Then let the weeds monarch that garden.

If the morrow comes and the sun forget to shine
The day and remember by night
Let the morrow keep awake the memories of
Regret and sobs to console failure.


The Other Ways

I argued the months
And I challenge the years
I bet perseverance
I will kill interference
I will fight distraction and washed my face with contention
I will wage war against success until it gives me a fatal wound
I will climb up the hill of hope and steal the broom to gather experience

OBSTACLES! Go to the household of failure
And conspire against the little informed
REGRET! Go tell the lazy men who have strong hope
to fish in the Sahara desert.
LUCK! Go tell your humble servants
to dive from the moon and unearth the treasures of Solomon.


The Pledge

In Nexus we stand here this late eve
Guests rendition illume not, but in the dungeon sieve
Honouraries suited black, with silence throats and eyes to deceive
Knees and crowns prostrates and phrases dive
Thwart a escape for the sake of Lincolns hat
The concepts has been gathered from exodus scratch
Through difficulties my erroness easily patch
Not a dream through penmanship splash
Oh Navel Where Are You?

My sandals are not optional another one you must sew
I have pass the age to cry but my eyes gather dew
My feet are strong but feeble. You are faraway and no wings flew
Your past deeds got me tormented memories
I should have bought you a house even lorries
Blood with toxicants you love illusion but they mend your worries
Father tamed knowledge but you tell stories
But I promise your siblings well attend
As I toil with the pen to fulfill the pledge.


The Worst Addict

My quest is knowledge
And knowledge is my quest
Even when the night is snoring
The pen I still welcome as my guest
The book is my bed
I can stain those scrolls with ink
And in it knowledge can manifest
I am that worst addict.


To Her Patience

To her patience I pen these
Thy Adonis is scattered like the wind
He is the pioneer of lust
He race with swift

To her patience I stain these
Thy lover is that smoke
He is the seducer of the seductives
He is that seen treasure which goes uncut
When the new born babies mingled with jealousy

To her patience I reveal these
Thy groom, is the navigator of hearts
For his genre the mechanic has no spanner
Breast feed him when he returns home
From your laps winks another ones own.



Oh! That I have wings like a dove I will fly
Betwixt the trees with the leaves nigh
In the branches to judge perfection with flaw
For a good vision and keep the histories of the floor

Oh! That I have sickle claws like the lynx tears
Even between my phobias bold to murder my fears
Down down down the dungeons lurk
Breathing through with bravery the unluck

If the preparations are to embark
Within the luggages well parked
And the lessons in wellness snared
Then the upgrade not paired.

Another Day Has Morn

Another day has morn
And I am tired
I am tired of those who have given up quickly
The race threaten them
And they be the frustrate
They'd been not the grateful by self
But they forsook their garmets
And dream'd of hopes
The dreamings unsalted
And the worms inherit
Such fortress

Another night has died
And I am tired
I am tired of thinking of these regretful memories
When the funeral recall poor legacies
Time recoil the memories of death
Vices! Just poor vices

They measure the length of time
And the token rest further
From Eden to Sweden
Lo! These barriers must be beaten.

Inspired by Disgrace

I am inspired by disgrace
Among the governance of the common
Bleeding sweats inspires the fragrance of pure hope

To make a road is not easy
Eschew and be another man's slave
In the market place of opinion
I am the unpredictable suspense
Among the pessimistic beholders
I am that senseless proverb
The crop in the eyes of that doubting farmer
Who has a doubting faith

I am inspired by disgrace
When I wore those antique faded miens
I am inspired by disgrace
when I wore those aprons that fade all hopes.
I am indeed inspired e'en hence.


Though i cry in anguish
but the thorns received me well
They pierce my flesh and suck from my delicacies
Though my feet are homeless
They gave neW sandals to trap my destiny
to wrinkle my youthfullness
I am too young for my age for such experience
yet still my soul provked and my life molested
But i am the owner of my own soul and have
the keys to unlock myself.

The Duty

Hen swallowing a kernel
when plant grow in a tunnel Hope of sunlight beyond
when cock journey begun
Oh duty in mind
offering defense in time
As farmers uproot weeds garden So i pity hens laden
For if i to say
Am a debtor
Many a thing repay
As all books Authors


That which went through the steam is fit to brim
That which latter flawless perfect gleam
That which paths the clean will pronounce not sin
That which stampedes for surely needs a seam
That which sleeps with sobs needs a glorious beam

If they condemn, condemn not; pay good for a evil thing
One good turn deserves another
we need each other in our daily spins
Let the virtues breathes more and vices thin

If the tower falls and the wind comes tomorrow
The other trees will save the morrow lean
Call not the other worthless, nor use another for a bin.

Yes indeed the other leaves weathered and fall,
yet sprout others green
as the bird flew glorious, so the fish fins
all our apartment will be bowl if love is within
mote be this ever dream
until after death comes forever
and the outcomes will show within.

Glorious Morning

Glorious morning by the window side
The colour of the sun mixed with gold a suit for naked eyes
Silence! Silence! Silence
And there was silence every where
When the children prayed the parade ground

Life is a jest and meaningful
I felt big this morning
Went through the bad lands bruise by the thornings
The maximus and the other shinings
I am that illume star
By wit and with wit I smother my errs and vices
Yes oh yes
I have once went through that age
Of unmet cravings and perspired runnings
Life is a race. Those who give up too quickly
Without planning another try we called failures.

Poverty Day

I have never thought like this
Poverty struck me this day breeze
always in it like a bottomless pit
but this day chose my thought to tease
I felt it struck my stomach
it continues to struck
something to satisfy nature demand
not a trace of it even in the house
Oh! i have got a solution says bad mind
Go take father's shoes and give it a sell
There is some money in the bible go take it
and give the tongue something tasteful to enjoy.
My lay down promises walks the mind say to destroy
yes have heard about it
and now am experiencing it
sooner hopest in my life prosperity blinks.

The Last Hunt for Providence

The foundation weld
That high mountain needs a climb
The oil is reserved
The lamp on it stand
Waiting for his host to aflame

Providence 'O' Providence
The pen is idle
The book felt boring
For the cannibals will devour
Your Nimrods game.

The book needs stain
The pens needs tame
Be thou not be a carnivore
The cup is fill to the brim
With that no reserve for you a honour
Providence 'O' Providence
Thy mouth will taste delicious in the podium.

There Goes the Ring

Uprooted and dispatched
Acclaimed the groomed
To petrified the lover
The eve once in oblivious echoes
Swirls in magnetism
Charmed and gentle, and gentle in gentleness
Thou would have been reserved for my ego with a love potion
But thy lad have been penniless
Even though my echoes heard among other echoes but mine in phantoms

Inspired by the darkness now illume
And now thee the Auctor indeed of the perfect medusa
But if the void unquenched
Well then thy liberties and delicacies envied.
Then thine toil toiless in vain
And thy creations a nine days wonder in Eden.
And thy creation destroyed.

And my life ready for thine own cross
Then I will be in catacombs but my trails in fame
But thou in shame and thy purse wasted no gain and vanities upon vanities upon vanity trophies let thou hold the lions share.

Clumsy! Thou envied my ailment and crossed the Nile and abandoned thy food chain
Thy bait no match for the Caribbean Sea nor thy hook a match for the Pacific Ocean

Is thou not a fallen angel?
Because thou flock not with thine feathers
And her abode too narrow for you to burrow
Alas! If what gone is never undone well I beseech thee t stanch her feelings and lend her no sorrow
And may her face gleamed with humor and laughter
And her seedlings please give them a scholarly mind
Regards and sorry for any inconvenience
Am drowned and can't even sight a straw
There goes the ring.

A Resting Brain

A resting brain will have more grades to gain
A little sleep some toxicants to drain
A few more sleep some rest to gain
A Second look will make us remember again
Those who read seldom to fail
By a pen and a book a life can change
Those who do not read just love to fail
I will be bold and clever to learn, I will not be ashamed.


Darkness! Darkness! Darkness
Thou cometh
Before the word Genesis
The absence of nothingness
At times, I wonder in emptiness if nothing borneth

where was kiss or the mantle of bliss?
But let thought descend to the abyss
Let the three wise men who trace that star to the stable
Bring forth the Solomon's pride wide
How long will Elijah return from his fiery horse ride?
And that cross return to receive his pride

Archaeology! Where is Moses
Had I know, now I miss Eden roses
But I know the sun is the portal to the glories
Innocence with the trees
Life is in the fruit or maybe vibes
Knowledge is toxicant
Sineth from her now the representatives, the goat skin
He tongues with the snake
And crosses the red sea not with a boat
Can we find truth in your does or the scrolls wrote?

For goodness sake
Hypocrisy wave and truth nailed
Be perfect. go sell your possessions and give to the poor
Hearken the Pharisees and examples not be

And now am cut in mid air
But my thoughts soaked in philosophy
Fade from the synagogue and opinion said Satan's lead
But am befog befog befog!!!


Where are the patriots?
Where are the patrons to explode our little pride?
Where are the hunters? The hunters
that can explain the names of their game side.
The fishermen in seas dive for Columbus sinkhole
His ship seductive but our boat is strong and robust

What else?
If not envy and lack of creativity and discipline and hardworking
We are the aborigines of her store house
But now our muscles shaped with pain to anchor his burden
Our culture in the drain
But we are now fed with the concept of modernism
The people are the people who peopled the greater people
Without the people there is no need for a king
We sing you to throne

But our rewards are thirst throat above empty bowels
Deceit and trickery and new wines to bury the palm trees
Columbus on ship in linen robes
The our past is now compost manure to fuel a growth
Complains and grumblings ado
The way down is the weigh down
Our burdens will be lifted by our children if we attempt to build
a legacy.

Following The Flesh Following The Soul

Following the flesh
Following the soul
Missed the sun felt the snow
The twinkling's far and wide and haste slow
The moon dull and dull then night glow
Following the flesh
following the soul

Following the flesh
Following the soul
Missed the stars felt the lone
The vices few'd virtues then bold
The leaves frown and frown then fruits glow'd
Following the flesh
Following the soul.

From An Angel's Diary

Just hatched! And with feathers to govern me
And he was a seed of the illuminati
The arrival of the sword to break the seal
A city on a hill cannot be hidden
Then cometh the sickles of envy and bedbugs sip
The battle of the innocence treasure commence
The philosopher's stone possessed in ignorance.

From an aura of illume reduced beam
And by concrete saying a phantoms
And by the herbs thou say lets breathes be
Said not the soothsayer
And clued not the thinker but by dreams give
A metal wheel on a rough road needs a push
To the arrival of legacy.

A rod in his hand to pedal forth
And in oneness the worm crawl through obstacles
Through the forge forge forge!
And illusion'd to tarry but suddenly in a fade
The curtains of continuity torn
Gravels and thorns in absence
But this road was clean smooth in simplicity.

But with this my thoughts then buried
Yet still clueing in real trance
A preamble of theory gone now for practical's
Hoping to get rid of free radicals
And pondering on
The Vowels from An Angel's Diary.


Gone To Correct Errors

Two heads meet and then an explosion
Boom! The cause in fragments
The force in absence
God has driven Cain
Jesus went to the wilderness
Moses up the hill
Noah to the ark
Daniel in the lions den
John in the river Jordan
Satan to the bottomless pit
But me to the street
With hunger to brag of bones
Starvation fill my pockets
And homelessness my mentor.

Learners Wish

Lovers must stay in the dark
Learners want to use the light
Talkative must be alert to escape learners wrath
The fools will keep the sound when learners sight
A chair a table full of books
A supply of water, and a big bowl full of foods make learners glad.

A room without a light can make learners ran
If you keep me undisturbed I will always love to learn
To know and to know more is always learners plan
A place full of cool trees will be learner's home plan
Learners like learners will be learner's friend
The best gift for a learner is a book and a pen.

Oh! King Solomon you are the one learner's charm
Learners love nature, learners plant gardens
Learners wish learners pride on books learners ride
Learners sleep, learners rise one may morning we heard
his first cry.


Lo! now I see the mountain shift to meet me
Now I see the leaves fall to save my applause
My adversaries paved the way for my perfect welcome
Now the birds rested the once unworthy branches to say weldone

Behold the wind sigh
And betold a blossom harvest nigh
It is now my sails seemed soared high
And my breath deter not to fly
Yes indeed my errs cedes to coma
How long when die

Man is a clock
Our real processions leads for another retrograde
The breathe of a virtue breathes another perfect vice
A compete to those levels upgrade

My Beloved Master

Silence is my beloved master
I beckoned you to stay
By him erroness easily slay
With the think I slipped the burdens of the day
It teaches eschewed play
My heads cooking with ideas
Years in minutes
And I was hooked by knowledge in mid airs
And I being through that grade among my peers.

Night Ado

Night Ado
For you will poet my expression low
The flame no
For this moment many things I will know
Teasing my brain inspiration bow
If I were the sun I will just tell the night go
I bee daylight my heaves fill slow
While So many legacies in the forge I try to show.

Once Upon A Time

Once upon a time
When God has not made the light
And time has not yet been born
There I was in the midst of emptiness
When monkeys smoke tobacco
And dogs took drugs
to make themselves tough
when psycho wrote the scrolls for the intellects
there I was when illusion was wedded to deceit
There I was when lie was smothering truth.


The sun prowls to rise
And my hopes in proximity to light
Though I strive to take flight
But my erroness yet to fight
Oh time will thou not go in a short slumber?
Many things to learn but my days already numbered
My secrets? ask the pen I love to ponder
I am in the forge
Full of scruitiny
Better to go through than plan a dodge
I am still in climbing in perspiration
There are many slopes to destiny
And there are many delicacies forcing me to look back
But I am inspired by hope and prowess
Hoping to receive a honourary price.

Such Burden

Such burden
Such burden really choke
Neck cramp bones cribbed pain spoke
Brain pedal fingers the better cope
Down down the sandmine a burden slope.

Such burden
Such burden really choke
With pure sleeves and soles too dope
Then thy statues fashioned nope
Played with the rituals prayed the pope.

Such burden
Such burden really choke
Scent the wind washed with fragrance soap
Tighter and tighter curl the rope
Soaked in pain shallow hope.

The Tempters Hook

The cross Deceit and trickery abreast
The foundations of the author at test
Meant to cook with good residue.

But we were caught twixt the cauldron
Still in perspiration, he gathers to feed the embers
The synagogues in hospitality
No one nor a guest for Hades.

But a stone in a faraway desert the admittance to path Satan's
first wish
Jezebel is now a prophet in the New Jerusalem
The oil to cook, the water to drink and towels
to wipe my tears all claim spirituality
Even is hooks so coarse and attractive baitless
But his haul can stair the way to the summit.

The Exodus

I have walked all this while through a vast
sea of floating stones while the wind and the breeze
remind me a home like Esau's hunting Cain's envy and God's partiality
Why I never see a beard on your face?
Pushing me forth in the land of Goliath
where I am no match to even see my bones as a residue
But I will forever hunt your memories.

I am on the watch to see how I am being process
Through the wilderness of vices and starvation
I learned the virtues of poverty
To and fro from homes like a fugitive of hill luck?
That you haven't provide me neither
Who doth you share with your purse?
While your children a living skeletons
Where are your legacies?
I only brag you have been a soldier.

The Fruitless Homeage

Muted by throat
And the sound dig deep down the portals of my heart
Escape through tunnels and clouded my mind with sorrow
And sunken my face with sympathy
Homing in books
Little john and Mary away from academic bonds
They homage to their elders
And a seducing smell from escaping aromas give them
a heart of hope
The cock is drunk RESPONSIBLE!
And their breast within the spells of liquor
The heirloom of
niece and nephew spells P-A-U-P-E-R-I-S-M
they perchance not a dish to tongue
and no sword to kill famine
but then I glance at the sky and I saw the smile of hope
but afar.

The Month Of Carols

The month of carols has just begun
Where seduction is tempted by lust
Legs provoke beauty a perfect advertise
The weasels, they the profess to unleash those well kept savings

The breath of harmattan has just arrive
Her eyes polished with new brooms
Her nails crafted by the plumber
Another gaze will make you a progress for the retrograde

I PER- PI- TRAYT and once caught without a snare
When beauties even lurk to seduce weight pursed goblins
Fading those welded plans
When their loves lasted a fortnight
Then suddenly the unveiled intention through smoke.

Hence I will open burst my drum
If there is no hide the town crier lost his job
Let the callings go for a coma
The lad needs a push an upgrade.

The Morning Horns

The morning horns teases my breath of happiness.
And feel relief from my city of slumbers
When the less privilege life opportune
The shadows of penuries dim light dimmed.

The cars battle in survival
And the young lad found his delicacies through the swim'd cries
It quickly fades when the engine glides

I love the sound of the petty traders.
And it gives me a commotion air
I remember when the early smells of the drainage
Humbly greet my face, and them chaired.

The memory lying on my bed comfort undisturbed.
In the roofs where I am no match for a kinship
Skinned the poverties it gives me an holiday of obesity
now time has grown and missed the company of the
morning. horns.


The Observes

Let the old counsel
And their bairns to literate
Let the thieves keep the treasures
And let the weak explains the theories of laziness to able
bodied men

Let the beggars tell us the worth of money
And the blind men keep our written secrets
Let death explains the value of life
And darkness can define the light

Tell the wind it is free in restriction
And ask the bird what is flying without wind
Tell the farmers they are the humble bairns of nature
Ask hunger for a perfect definition of food
And ask eponym for his cradle.

The Pen's Abduct

I have walked in the garden of simplicity
And I grew up in the household of humility
Then I envied wisdom and I plunder the household of literacy

I abduct and seduce the pen
And it became my loyal pawn
I ponder about insanity and I was snared in it by philosophy

And the book prison my character
I was judge by opinion
Now a life sentence for the abduct of the pen.


The Second Visit

Crossed the catacombs bond and it was cozen
Their hopes reap with a fardle of hopelessness
In Cap-a- pie we are all trapped
The foundation is layed and has passed shoulder height
Once upon every the ladder thought specify
Each one gazed and planned a second visit
Go bring that wretch old stair so we can ace ourselves
And I bet my breathe blood
it has learned no lesson.
Go!Go! and brought forth it and we will dance to it squeaking sound

Wealth and greed
Children a vessel of involuntary servitude
Well armed mosquitoes troops
Ready their battalions ready to invade our nights.


The Young Men

Let young and energectic men
Nod and snore
May their grand sleeping melodies
Play the perfect tune
For mosquitoes and bed bugs
To dance for their harvest gain.

Let young and able bodied men
Accompany the night with slumber
Their silent footsteps always caught failure without a snare
they are the hunters of hoplessness
Their game brought home no progress
The whistle of their bullets the symphonies of begging.

Let young boys that still have gigantic hopes
Carry the mantle of ignorance
Their paths surely will lead to the broad gate
Their biographies in the hopeless coma
They are the rotten fish among the sober

But if young men lust after knowledge
Then our Libraries will be countless
But if young men are curious to work
Then our store houses will not be enough to keep all the harvest.
But if young men are active enough
The creativity and inspirons will not go uncut
Then thinkers and problem solvers will be in abundance



Death is but a nonsense fool
It shook hands with my beloved too
He even made greed a loaded spoon
But after all the dead are dead we will bury death too.

Death is the impartial fool
It count the robe and the walking stick
Even the fetus and the limp
But after all the dead are dead we will bury him too.


When The Drum Chide

He was silence, and has been silence
Like the middle of the night
When the sorcerer conjure
His wishes you unmet
His grail sink how long can he wait to brim

Did you prepare for his coming?
As the soldier guide his bravery.
Who is that architect
That advise you to build such foundation
When no stone to catapult your legacies.

Hunger and wrath are the ingredients for my cook
But when I dish
Like the savages of brute their arrows uncultured
When the soul of that sacrificial hide returns
Repays honour with disrespect
Now thy hands got blisters
Just when the drum chide.

Going Home to Mother Stealth With Peregrinus

We are going to mother
The glamour's and potions all to asunder
And I think they will melt faster than rubber
Our fantasies and doubted realities
Will be fed with comforts.

We have been influence from the box of Pandora
My wish, your wish and all those other wishes piloted
by twisted fate.

Through that boundless sea sniff not a tree for resting talons.
Peregrinus! We are the bairns left in the woods to die
Our dynasties keep the salt for their nook meals
While our bones shepherd those solemn peasants
But after we have climbed the summit…
We will cede them our scrolls
And let them inherit the message of our hard earned legacies.


Lost Hope Mother Africa

Africa is now a wanderer
Her brain is cooking the NOMAD dish
More stories those untold stories
And more and more are fading out
No magic pill to recoil those lost memories
My will is bent someone is twisting my wish
When last in that market I eat your fish?

When last you gave me that herb that will
Make my stomach worms sprout
When the happy days are too short to count
And your hope sings the pendulum's song.

To an Old Dame My Mistress

To an old dame my mistress
You who cover my heart
Yester years
With sweetness
T'was the dawn of growth
T'wixt the primary life of childhood insanity

Within me within us when we play
The loving game crave
Even underneath my adversaries
I pretend e'en to be brave
The tiny charm you gave me
There the pendulum wave

Your little emotions flashback
The fantasy in me, there charm is engraved
Until it is true beyond the parade.


By the Pacific

I pioneered a route by the pacific
The boat row to suit my comfort
By the pacific of savage life no help mate for Adam
The time when literate rules brutal life
My boat cripple up
My anchor furthest a loose grip
Low not thine portion a life to grow.

I am left in the realms of wonders
My well applauded perspirings
Are inspired by thoughts
I am left alone twixt the choice of two evils
"To eat or to be eaten"?

By the pacific I pedal forth
With the snail and among the turtles
When the horse raced with elephant
Gathering the thoughts to manipulate those vowels
Staining those scrolls for the forth coming bairns
By the pacific
To pioneer their steps with the inspired.

Lo the Warehouse

Lo the warehouse
My perfect woolly hair dreads
The burden to quench poverty
All these gathered riches are meant
To cool the demands of my inner man
My inner man my lazy man
Who is the source of that built pyramid
Let the miens reserved for the models.

Lo the warehouse
MY LORD: wage not by your burden
But by commitment be thou rewardest
The others perspire for the appraisals
But I was among those who labour with wits
And at the end a quarter reward for a dish.


Though i cry in anguish
but the thorns received me well
They pierce my flesh and suck from my delicacies
Though my feet are homeless
They gave me neW sandals to trap my destiny
to wrinkle my youthfullness
I am too young for my age for such experience
yet still my soul provked and my life molested
But i am the owner of my own soul and have
the keys to unlock myself.

The Rich Man Sobs

In his face whelms the realms and vanity of the void
The later enthusiastic to date i saw in his face
the wrinkles of had i know
he craved for delicacies then he haste his desires at rest.
He took part in fetish
And wash with the blood of his fellon
Cascaded his head in a white linen
Nothing to hold his life back
Three Scores of fetish days
Three Scores of fetish hours
Three Scores of fetish minutes
Three Scores of fetish seconds
And he became rich.
Alas! Alas! Alas!

Once in a while as time passes in haste
And when the sun prowls to blaze
A terryfying silhoutte greet his face
And the food delicious but he rarely taste.
And daily his nightmares a flashback of the fetish
Years past
Rocks crack
Leaves fall
A baby is born
But destiny pay a man in his own penny.
Oh!Oh! Oh! mother nature your gift
has been crushed and pound in the mortar of immortality.
Woe and pity this soul of Adam that have
been wombed for several months have been
transformed to a mere amulet.

Then came a time in dungeon
When the heralds of youthfullness
Transformed into a merge of grey heads
Sat in his own little throne abode
And his ponderings took him to a bizarre weird path
Thoughts of his fetish path and tears rolled his eyes.
And then drank from the cup of his deeds
And Cried out
I drank dirty water the sorcerer gave me
I wash not crystal water but made of herbs.
Nothing is something all is but vanity
And daily and daily i heard them in the
middle of the nights
When paupers slept in heavens gate
the rich man sobs.