The Sierra Leone Web

  Abdul Rahman Bangura  


The Bellows

The world is a fascinating place
With it bowels in the veil
It portrudes it delicacies in the holy grail
While vagabonds dwindles and prostrate in the holy grave
I am but lost and have no grip in this trip.

I pathed the path myself
This place is so heighten and wonder
If i would reach the shelf
No clue in the wind nor the sun can tell
So my hope paths as the leaves

I heard a sounding cry
I glanced through the window
And a roomage of patience claws awaits
I am the forge then ready the bellows.



Though i cry in anguish
but the thorns received me well
They pierce my flesh and suck from my delicacies

Though my feet are homeless
They gave ne sandals to trap my destiny to wrinkle my youthfullness
I am too young for my age for such experience
yet still my soul provked and my life molested

But i am the owner of my own soul and have the keys to unlock myself.


The Duty

Hen swallowing a kernel
when plant grow in a tunnel Hope of sunlight beyond
when cock journey begun

Oh duty in mind
offering defence in time
As farmers uproot weeds garden So i pity hens laden

For if i to say
Am a debtor
Many a thing repay
As all books Authors.


Poverty Day

I have never thought like this
Poverty struck me this day breeze
always in it like a bottomless pit
but this day chose my thought to tease

I felt it struck my stomach
it continues to struck
something to satisfy nature demand
not a trace of it even in the house

Oh! i have got a solution says bad mind
Go take father's shoes and give it a sell
There is some money in the bible go take it
and give the tongue something tasteful to enjoy.

My lay down promises walks the mind say to destroy
yes have heard about it
and now am experiencing it
sooner hopest in my life prosperity blinks.

The Rich Man Sobs

In his face whelms the realms and vanity of the void
The later enthusiastic to date i saw in his face the wrinkles of had i know
he craved for delicacies then he haste his desires at rest.

He took part in fetish
And wash with the blood of his fellon
Cascaded his head in a white linen
Nothing to hold his life back

Three Scores of fetish days
Three Scores of fetish hours
Three Scores of fetish minutes
Three Scores of fetish seconds
And he became rich.

Alas! Alas! Alas!
Once in a while as time passes in haste
And when the sun prowls to blaze
A terryfying silhoutte greet his face
And the food delicious but he rarely taste.
And daily his nightmares a flashback of the fetish

Years past
Rocks crack
Leaves fall
A baby is born
But destiny pay a man in his own penny.
Oh!Oh! Oh! mother nature your gift
has been crushed and pound in the mortar of immortality.

Woe and pity this soul of Adam that have
been wombed for several months have been transformed to a mere amulet.

Then came a time in dungeon
When the heralds of youthfullness
Transformed into a merge of grey heads
Sat in his own little throne abode
And his ponderings took him to a bizarre weird path
Thoughts of his fetish path and tears rolled his eyes.

And then drank from the cup of his deeds
And Cried out

I drank dirty water the sorcerer gave me
I wash not crystal water but made of herbs.
Nothing is something all is but vanity

And daily and daily i heard them in the middle of the nights
When paupers slept in heavens gate
the rich man sobs.



She goes not dead
she steps in and masked her duty face
Nor does she a fruit from the bed before
the night gives birth she goes in mongering race
He unjob she stills gives us a tongue to taste

Sometimes she rebukes me like she
but guised my obedience by saying a one or three
I dissapoint her feelings she goes red
but bygones before sunbed
She morethan she the other end.

One day when solomon's her feelings stanch
She is but my prospective branch
I know her when i a secondary pen
Love and caring she always blend since i a pyramid of ten

Indeed heard of them
But mine is heavens den
Even though she unreligious
But God i pray her heaven

What! my heart
Oh! God she is now passing on shades of grey