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Post Conflict and Reconstruction: 19 January 2002 Onward


2 July 2003
Statment to the Truth and Reconciliation Commission by U.S. Ambassador Peter R. Chaveas.

2 July 2003
British Government Statement to the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Sierra Leone.

27 August 2003
Remarks by Ambssador Peter R. Chaveas on the occasion of the launching of the Kono Peace Diamond Alliance, Koidu.

5 August 2003
"Promotion National Reconciliation and National Reintegration (Including Reparation)" - Statement to the TRC by then-APC leader and Parliamentary Minority Leader Ernest Bai Koroma.

16 April 2003
Speech by the British High Commissioner at the Queen's Birthday Party.

March 2003
Campaign for Good Government poll on attitudes towards the Truth and Reconciliation Commission and the Special Court for Sierra Leone.

22 February 2002
"The Voter Registration Process" - Report by the Campaign for Good Governance.

13 February 2002
Former Ambassador Joseph Melrose: "U.S. Government role in fighting the conflict diamond trade."