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These photos were taken in 1958 by Dr Cleaver Keenan while he was the Chief Medical Officer on Bonthe Island shortly before independence. Dr Keenan was originally from Scotland, but his wife was from Canada and after leaving Sierra Leone they settled in Ontario. Some or all of their children were born in Bonthe. Sadly, Dr Keenan passed away in October 2012. He remained a strong friend of Sierra Leone all of his life. Click on the thumbnails for a full-sized photo.
"Government Wharf" "Medina Street"
"Convent" "Hospital"
"Bonthe Front" "Brownies in Procession"
"Chapel" "Prisoners"
"Piassava" "Prize Giving"
"Fishing Boats" "Back Street"
"Doctor's House" "Nursing Sister's House"
"Behind our House" "Beggars"
"Boat Sheds" "Heddle Street"
"Jetty" "Gbap Clinic"
"Housing" "Inhabitant"
"MM Processing" "Manse"
"First Car" "Freetanbo"
"South Front" "Street"
"SS Class" "Staff"
"Traders" "Plane"*
"Christine" "Bouganvilla"
"Drums" "Leaving"
"Kwashi" "Clock Tower" "Gas Lamp"
"Accordian Carrier" "Bananas" "B&W"
*It is possible that this picture was from his return visit in 1979.