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  Abdul Salam Bangura was born in Sierra Leone, where he began his education. At the time this poem was submitted, he was studying computer and telecommunication engineering at Arcada Polytechnic in Finland.  


What a World?

A world of paradise enigma by man
A world of peace and joy endanger by man and has become an elusive dream
A world of trust and harmony disproved by man
A world of Godliness geared up by man
A world of potential family life hook up by man
A world of faith but profane by man
A world of brave talent full of wisdom turns out disastrous against our lives

Be strong cause a man might raise arms against you someday
Trust no soul cause it led estrange
Hate a man cause you have enemies
Engage your fist, repel, not to allow man a blow an intend
Watch your back before it too late
Avoid strangers they might do harm onto you
Keep out of public vicinity cause man's evil are over

We've heard it and done it but where are we?
"Still on earth I suppose"
What of a man pave the path of his unavoidable grave
than continue deepen into evils for much darker side before his lord tomorrow
For as it written life and death, death and resurrection
for condemnation of man's deeds on earth it would surely passed on all not even our beloved children
Our option lets rebuke from satanic representation but God