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  Solomon Brima, at the time this poem was submitted, was a graduate student at Seyton Hall University in New Jersey, U.S.A.  


Umu's Passage

"This poem...was written in tribute to my grandmother after her death." - SB

In your glow I bathed
In your sweet embrace I slept secure

Let fall banish motley colored leaves
In your heart I shall gather warmth
In our love we will grow

Why must winter come?
Descended, the Oak tree is barren of its greenest gold

Across the middle passage
I was set adrift
There was no return

Sorrow’s feather remains on my blackened brow
Eluding my lift

Life accompanies spring
But soulful saints have yet to sing

In life you and I were one
In the summer of sorrows you ascended
What becomes of a shadow?

The sea is wide
Set me adrift
Guide me across all passages
In your sweet embrace I wish to sleep.