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  Sahr Emmanuel Siaffa is from Kono and studied at Koidu Secondary School and Boys' School in Magburaka. In 1998 he became a refugee in Ghana. He is currently a student in Minnesota, the United States of America.  



I came into the world with nothing.
Grew up in a poorest environment,
Educated under a difficult condition,
Got a good job, started having money.
I acquired wealth for myself.

I built houses, bought cars for myself,
Enjoyed the most luxurious places,
Ate the most expensive foods,
Slept in the most expensive hotels,
Traveled the entire world,
Bought my own personal jet,
Opened my own personal companies,
Had my own workers,
Made my own personal parks.

Yet at the end I noticed that everything in this world is vanity,
Because just like the way I came with nothing, so I will return with nothing.