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  Rashid Dumbuya, at the time this poem was submitted, was a student at Fourah Bay College, University of Sierra Leone.  


The Election

Election! Election!
Where are you?
Why have you taken so long?
And allowed bad men to rule.

We have waited for many years now
Waited for one, two, three, four up to five years now.
And still we haven’t seen you.
Oh election! Oh election!
But why have you treated us so?

Bad men have ruled us for too long.
They have deprived us of our rights.
They have ruined our homes,
Our lives, our children.
Oh election! Oh election!
But why? Why? Why?
Have you taken so long?

But we are still waiting,
Waiting patiently.
We depend upon you to rescue us.
Please come! Please.