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  Osman Kamara was born in Lunsar and raised and educated in Makeni. He studied at Sierra Leone's National School of Nursing and helped Medecins sans Frontieres in their work with amputees and other war victims from 1997 to 1999.┬áHe then fled with this young son, whose mother was abducted by rebels. He now lives with his son in the U.K.  


Agape Gap

Heavenly Father thou knowest
Since I was created from a clot
A clot to create a lot on earth
A lot to be great on earth
Mankind being the lot on earth
Kind being on earth than any other
Mind of mankind to love all as divine law orders
Others' love conditioned for them
Others' love endless for them
For others never to love thy nearest as God commands
Agape the Heavenly Father demands mankind to show
His, He demonstrated by sending a beloved one to save
all mankind
A lot from a clot with a lot of sins
Thou sins blotted out by divine love, but worldly mankind became
Thoughts to deviate from showing agape, initiated in the mind by the Devil
evil sentiments breaking the bridge
A bridge once built to transport divine love
for us to receive without money to spend
Alas!! Mankind refused to transmit this love to the
earth, and never a room in his heart for love to dwell and be shown.

A gap between, we now experience
Agape never reached to enrich our spiritual lives
A gap we often doubt to filled
Never for agape to cross over for the rest of mankind to receive
Has thou art been sanctioned from agape and divine love?
For us to reach over thou has to function
Function with diligence to fill up the gap
Gap filled agape fulfilled as God demands of us
A bridge for all to pass over, like the Israelites over the Jordan
To a land flowing with milk and honey
With agape no evil resentment no prejudice no war
Agape to unite all unite all mankind
Fill the gap now and reach our saviour
waiting with arms stretched on the yonder side
to receive thou with love
A gift from the divine vine
Pluck it, be swift for it is sweet and a free gift.

Bye I gotta go.


Variations in a Race

"There is too much of ethnicity in the world today causing lots of trouble in most regions, but we are all the same in the sight of the maker God. Despite the colour of our skins, we are the same beings on earth." -OK

Colours make a difference
Oh what a variation!!!
An origin, one source race maker
A mark in first degree from animal
All as animal, pieced together to differ
as jungle pattern
Archaeological digs reveal, high-tech a race
higher to peak from animal stage
Dispersed from source, like refracted rays
just a Perspex rule.
White from source, making colours many for
a choice, "ROYGBIV" as to it
Just an acronym.

Back to source one from seven.
In depths all as one, ethnic thy tongue
A vary for planet circum, cosmos to scientific concept
Inner self always the same, not a difference
Caucasoid, Mongoloid, Australoid, Negroid
A vary to sight, creation rule states ancestral right
Just one race, all human not differ
No race to finish as all winners


Unpleasant Sounding

"The poem tells of the horrible sound created by weapons and ammunitions used during time of war, with special reference to Sierra Leone. These sounds always result to panic. Some of the words I used are mostly in an onomatopoeia style, making the stuff to be onomatopoetic; thus 'park' I used to imitate the sound of guns and also tell us to pack up and flee, as the actual word denotes." - O.K.

Boom! Boom! Boomboom!
Kaboom! Kataboom! Kaboom!
Krrrr! Krraak! Krraakaka!
Karr! Karr! Karaak!
Kakai! Kalai! Kalai!
Pow! Pow! Pow! Pow!
Gbrrrr! Gbrrr! Gbeebam!
Fioooh! Fioooh! Fioooh!
Park! Park! Park! Park!
Gbbm! Gbbm! Gbbm! Gbash!

Sounds of terror
Not an error
My ears right judgement
Such a tympanic interpretation
A decade order generated
No choice to generation
Voices of horror make a fill to ozone
Split between lips
Derivate heroes, they claim
Self declared, not by all
Owners of apparatus of horror
A use not in need, indeed misuse
Not pleasing, arousing follicles to erect
A wave of fear, motioned
Wiggling almost to win a marathon
Sprinters make a choice not to win
Safe haven blink, rare estate
Can't reach, sprinter crippled
A vein blistered, constricted thy artery
Iced blood nearly frozen
A shivering brink, can't run
desert hike ,hitch no call
Not all a go, can't want a horn
Only an echoed, a Saviour where?
Here? There? to pull me out
Earthly singled planet
To Pluto wings I desire

Boom! Kaboom! Krash!
T.N.T., three in one a toluene
Unpleasant sound's apparatus
Owners create, relay to vanity
Just saved! Invisible my Saviour
Present when I need
Sing a song not long
Owners wrong routine
Shrill voices bitter song
Park! Park! Park!, Guns resound
Thumb assist pointer to create
A trigger from barrel base
Unpleasing not pleasant
Can't dance, not music
Body motion a victim to avoid
That lotion sweat's my ankle
Sounds connote to park up
A flee bag only I could
A journey to far end
Loosen joints of limbs
Lever to safety
Pow! Pow! Gbm! Gbm! sporadic
Contagious in the horizon
Always blink awake
Unpleasant sound barrels cause
No sleep to dance
Non music, not rhythmic
Out of it, my ears calm
Now a dance, a stimulus to child play
Rhythmic I love



Wetin!! A foh wete?
Mi mete dun behteh?
A noh keych fis
Fis noh cam,wata clin
Dehn si mi, dehn si di huk
Buk we dehn si
Mi han dehn frade
Da buk luk lehkeh huk
Noh tel mi lai,dehn si
Da buk we mi lan
Mi han mi fase
Fut we kerr mi de
Noh wete mi mete
Na bete i bete
Huk dun tun guud
Dehn lick am
Mehmba se,da swit de las
Swala foh keych
Vohmit poil ohl tin
Na naw i mohna
Fis cam na lan
Behteh foh ram
Geh tin foh beht
Tit wohke,tung elp ker ram
Behleh geht ohl di wohke

Na behteh cam ef yu behteh
A wan behteh,na lehteh bete de
Pas a ron,a go deeg am
Cohmoht de! no to yu lan
Wetin!? Mi granpah kil grunpig
Na fahm i rohse am
Na dis lan,mi papah fil sey
Na mi lan, a bun yah
No to mi granpah gi mi papah
Lehf am, a wan behteh yah
Pas a deeg am
Na di bete so
Luk am,lahngah lahngah wan
Dehn wich,na mi lan so
A dun geht am foh behteh
Naw di behteh wandu am
Behteh behteh wan, leh di behteh
Noh trowey,wan we noh behteh,
noh go geht behteh lan foh
leh i go behteh bambi
Foh behteh pas yu biit am
leh yu go yeble beht am
Tiit wohke,dun meke
a behteh


Tables Able

"This poem is just advice to all the regions of the world that are experiencing war, the leaders involved need the poem. The first poem tells of the love that is missing in mankind that causes him to have an evil mind to cause war." - OK

A war for a change or chains to pain our minds
Minds find a way out but bind with abject poverty
From the far east falsity of guns and bombs emanated
An evil desire fired down by hired lawbreakers, encamped within the deep flora of that terrain
To liberate the citizens they claim but blamed by the citizens
as they not able to end the abject within the boundaries
Bush to farm armed with wicked inventions with intention to enjoy a
carnage of citizens by they to whom a carnage emanate
Emancipation thou desire as thou laments for peace
Farms to plough now barren as guns cause them to fallow never to farm by they
Guns to protect now turn to project death
Guns, bombs not able to ease our minds
Fun able to push in peace for ever
No reconnaissance but reconciliation on tables, able to bring lasting peace
Guns not able rather cause citizens to be disabled due to mutilation and
manning, a desire deared by citizens
Tabernacles try but not able, as law breakers become stiff necked with manning,
A fallacy every citizen claims it to be as this not able to reconcile and ease our minds from abject poverty
Ploughing blades we desire for wicked inventions to become
Silent guns with barrels entangled with rose beauty fragrance the air
No fear, as table table talks able to effuse evil desires from their minds
Victims minds find a way out as those involved just to say war is stupid
Smiles straightens our minds as citizens now enjoy and discover lasting peace from reconciliation
Boots not for booties but to march forward to lasting peace
Peace to ease our minds, search for arms to cease from hired lawbreakers firing
Untiring search for a pleasing way to march to peace.

Bye I gotta go.



At birth they cry
Mums cuddle, but reluctant to stop
They cry, tears can't hold, yes reluctant
From babies they toddle,
but reluctant to stop
Smashing, throwing, a mess.
Reluctant even when dads intervene
Aging changes another step
Teens, trouble in the home
Reluctant for mum and dad,
to teach a life of good will

Now influential. money a toll
Reluctant to share, not fair as
poor not to celebrate.
Aging to an esteem
I call am old man! Old woman!
Oh no!! disliked, reluctant to be
wanting a child state.
No more than a child at play

Poorly, now to rest
Six feet a room
As earth crust, a provision to deceased.
Death, underneath capture to be.
Just too very reluctant
Fear the Omnipotent
Have been reluctant to abide to Divine laws
Never a ride to Zion, not deserve
No pride, they hide.
Success to eyes, no to
Devine law maker.
Omnipresent, attribute to stop mortal reluctance
That attitude change to solitude


What About That Love?

"Many times I wonder if those responsible for inflicting trouble on the masses realise, the need for love by the victims. They cause problem forgetting that live is an essential recipe to long lasting peace. So is that love missing? What about loving mankind?" - O.K.

When disgruntled, groups they form
Come to end, humans no group no more
Slaying a spree, guerrilla terms
What about that love?
Limbs dysfunction not to serve
Oozing blood, boozers style result
No clots, a plot to end thy race
Humans face, a lace twig to outskirts
Designed to brace slavery locks
Can't open in a prison wanting thee
Not borstal
What about that love?
Flora no more, fragments boosters
Grains of sand, a lunch
Fools bunch, an origin not crunchy
Think slender, bender of tools
Can't till a poisoned loam
Desert all, sand in the rain
Blind their eyes, step not
Wept as acid churns their bowels
Burning inner walls, product slogan
What about that love ?Shelters in rubbles
Walls can't hold, a bed too rare
Babies cling to nipple
No fluid sip , not to fill, dry no food
Mothers lull, not enough
Shrinking mammary, no sips but sids
Not quenched, too hot, first a thirst
Bought from boozers, recoiled
Absent milk not to lactate
Agony reigns, weighing the scales
Twisted guts empty as not filled
Trying, crying, not knowing
What about that love?Battered flesh as a carpet
Explosives, resulting factory
Crumbled flesh, a meal they provide
Where is my tea?
Apple crumble a dinner desired
Flesh crumble they provide
From unable runners
Choked cant swallow
What about that love?
Beaten not eaten
Air to bloat bowels
Empty no food, a drink not
Cycle of water a taboo
Flowing rivers corpses to float
Ashore a stink on the banks
None dare a drink, tasteless
A gulp only to twist tubes...
With held within alimentary
Latter act result to loose bowels
Doctor disabled, not to function
What about that love?Festivities no more a routine
Trees shed like in Autumn
Sweats in ''Harmattan'', just Winter
Alike, far-fetched, global difference
Peer groups now paired to rebel
That love scattered, can't glue
Broken no nails for a fit
A dove missing , symbolic
For that peace treaty not treated
Relayed threats echoing
What about that love?
But where?
Here! Love am to stop am going.


Just it !! My Computer

As I sat a thought vanished, just cant get it back
It is real but now rare in that memo
What a mistake!! of late I know
Only to take up the search
A window opened as the mouse click
Picking out, as those carpals enforce the search
Their tips skilful work downloads the peak of that
memory, surfing to a shore by eventful waves
To a be sure for a memory
Through my spine a pain radiates
Fatigue, that not desired, as shrunken
a reward of likes buffered that agony.
How many, those words make a way to the wind
Just boring echoed from rustling pages
making a way to the screen, inbox done
compose, after as all gets.

Back to it, "have got it!!"
Now competent to compete
A lesson done
Just my computer