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  Nicholas Bamikeh Godwin started writing poetry at an early age. He had his first poem published in the School Magazine of his secondary school in Freetown, the Albert Academy. He was also once a regular contributor to the poet's corner of the "For di People" newspaper, also in Freetown. The civil war in Sierra Leone forced him and his family to seek refuge in neighbouring Guinea. He was resettled in the USA in 2004 and within 18 months had his poems published in no fewer than three anthologies. He was featured in "The International Who's Who in Poetry-2005", and is the recipient of the Editor's Choice Award from and the International Library of Poetry for outstanding achievement in poetry. He currently lives in North Carolina, USA.  


Why Should I Fear...?

Why should I fear, when God is near?
He sure is my Protector.
Why should I cry, when God's close by?
My friend I need nothing more.
I'm not afraid,God cannot fade,
His presence is so certain.
On every day he is my stay,
And helps develop my brain.

Why should I frown, when God's in town?
To lead and show me the way.
Why should I fall when God's on call?
He heals me with no x-ray.
I'll fear none,for God's not gone,
He takes away all my pain.
I'll shout aloud, and be so proud,
To be a link in His chain.

Why should I moan? God has a phone.
With no dial, no hand set.
Why should I sin?God is my kin.
He saves me from satan's net.
I'll make my mark,God has my back,
He'll prove himself once again.
I'll make no guess,but God will bless
All those who ride in His train.


Get Rid of Them

Kick all your troubles to the curb
Drown all your worries in the tub
Let all your woes go with the wind
And why bother if you have sinned
Why don't you bid sadness goodbye
And give hardship a wing to fly
Away should go pessimism
And why think of terrorism

Send depression on a voyage
Seal your bad luck inside a cage
Bury frustration in a hole
Beat your hunger with a long pole
Take your torments and give them wheels
And push them right over the hills
Burn poverty in a great fire
Don't you think hate should now retire

Close the door to pain and sickness
And don't allow mental weakness
Destroy all doubts and all your fears
Only in joy should you shed tears
On everything find the bright side
To every one open arms wide
Look at the cloud with good timing
You're sure to see silver lining


Black and White

A black dog meets a white one
And they will play and have much fun
A black cat and a white cat
Will roll and frolic on the mat

A black bird sits on a branch
With a white one and both will dance
A black goat will eat the grass
Whilse nearby white sheep will pass

A black ape in the forest
A white rabbit will not detest
A black tadpole in the lake
Will greet the white fish when awake

A black cup and a white cup
Do the same job they fill us up
Black and white are worn daily
The two colours we often see

For a white cup to be useful
A blackboard then is used in school
And to have grey a colour fine
Then black and white have to combine

Then why shouldn't we human beings
Forget pigment and live as kins
A black or white in God's presence
Is all the same with no difference


If God Should Come

If God should come down and meet us
I wonder how He will treat us
Will He let us look at His face
Will others rush to sing His praise

If God should come and live with us
Will He try riding on a horse
In which country will He come stay
Will He still want us all to pray

O the questions people will ask
Is it alright to wear a mask
Why do we walk and do not fly
Why did you let my father die

Why do some bad people live long
Why are some weak and others strong
Why are innocent people killed
Why some patients are never healed

Why did you make some black some white
Why did you make some lose their sight
Why did you make Africa poor
And why should we obey the law

'Twill all be questions and requests
There'll be no seventh day to rest
But God knows that and says "No way
You will see me on Judgement Day"


Keep On Pressing

When you find out you cannot smile
Your mouth goes long as River Nile
When funds are low and rent is due
And clothes you only have a few
Do not give up keep on pressing
Or you will miss the Lord's blessing

When sickness comes to put you down
When you can't laugh but always frown
When your good friends from you depart
You want to climb but fall down flat
Do not give up keep on pressing
Or you will miss the Lord's blessing

When you feel like you want to weep
And when night comes you cannot sleep
When bills are due you cannot pay
And always lose at games you play
Do not give up keep on pressing
Or you will miss the Lord's blessing

When the day seems to be so dark
And many things you seem to lack
When it may seem that all is lost
And you can find no one to trust
Do not give up keep on pressing
Or you will miss the Lord's blessing

No He Won't

No he won't turn the other cheek
They may next hit him with a stick
No he won't love his enemies
They never give him any peace

No he won't do good for evil
That may turn him to a cripple
No he won't give to all the poor
What will he have to keep in store

No he won't mourn with those who mourn
Why should he interrupt his fun
No he won't love his fellow man
He may have a nefarious plan

No he won't feed all the hungry
They may come back all and sundry
And no he won't carry your cloak
For no distance (it is no joke)

No he won't fete the prodigal
For life is not a carnival
And he won't forgive a bad deed
But will destroy any bad seed

Yes it's a world of "dog eat dog"
We do not wait to clear the fog
It's tit for tat,revenge,pay-back
No waiting, as patience we lack


Changing Like the Moon

Often my dear, O yes often,
You keep on changing like the moon;
You give no time to study you,
And play wild games, O naughty you.
So many times I am confused,
And think my love you have abused.
All your actions I can't foretell;
I don't know when you're sick or well.
Your face don't tell me how you feel,
Because your mood you change at will.
So many times I am afraid,
That joking aside you have laid.
You make me so nervous and tense
Whenever I'm in your presense.
I just don't know what I should do;
You should not think I have fooled you.
But whenever you have said yes
The next moment don't say, "I guess"
And freely when you have said no
Don't change and say, "Did I say so?"
Why keep on changing like the moon?
Be twelve O'clock,midday and noon.
Why don't you please keep to your word,
And then I will never be bored.
So try to change with all your might,
And everything will be alright.
And soon, my dear, O very soon
You will stop changing like the moon!


O What A Life

O what a life in Africa
I had to come America
From Sierra Leone on to Guinea
From banker to a refugee

How could people be so heartless
And put thousands into a mess
So many killed and limbs cut off
They did not seem to have enough

Houses burnt down and women raped
And some even had it all taped
Ears cut off eyeballs plucked out
They got happy to hear you shout

Small boys and girls all given arms
To kill people in their own farms
Into their hands they took the law
They knew not when the line to draw

And then they say we should forgive
And welcome them with us to live
But most of them do not repent
And our anger we cannot vent

Those who hurt us got paid for that
But their victims are still down flat
All we wait for is Judgement Day
When God all wages He will pay


Ten Limericks

1.The widow came from Waterloo
To buy some fish and sell "foo-foo"
But on the way
To her dismay
Found she could only say "moo-moo"

2.The teenager from Hamilton
Wanted to drink some lime and gin
Her father said
You will be dead
If you must live this life of sin

3.The soccer star from Wilberforce
Found out he was under a curse
And if at all
He touched a ball
It rightaway turned to a horse

4.The civil servant from Regent
Had no money to pay his rent
He left the house
With one poor mouse
And said" I will stay in a tent"

5.The actor said he came from Bo
And he was good and active so
But on the stage
Put on a rage
And everyone told him to go

6.He went to church to save his soul
That was his one and only goal
But when he fought
In church and court
He was sent down into the hole

7.A refugee from Liberia
Went on to live in Nigeria
But he said "Ah
It's still Africa
I want to live in Siberia

8.He said he came from Conakry
Going on to Takoradi
To his dismay
He lost his way
And ended up in Kigali

9.The old school teacher from Ghana
Found out he was a slow learner
His pupils said
Just use your head
And treat us in the same manner

10.He asked the judge "What's the reason
That you should charge me with treason
The Head of State
Is an ingrate
It's he who should be in prison