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  Nata Olatunji Taylor was born in Sierra Leone. She is currently living in Accra, Ghana, where she attended Ghana Christian International High School.  


Luv Always

I want you to always remember that
Wherever live takes you
Whatever dreams you follow,
However grown-up you are...
You'll always be my special someone...
And my love will always go with you.

Being apart from you
Isn't that easy
Because it's like we've got stars to cross
And moon to jump over.
Isn't it lonely out there without me?
Because it's lonely here without you...
That's why I'm sending you my love
That will give you life time happiness.

You are one in a million
A shinning star in the sky
That has lit my heart
Just to brighten up our love,
For better, for worse
In sickness and in health
To love and to cherish
Till death do we part?
I will always love you.

Do you remember all the promises we made
Promises of you and I together,
Loving each other forever?
I will never let anything come between us
No matter what situation
I find myself in,
Whether in rain or shine
I will always be there for you.

You are an angel with love
I can't stop loving you
Because you are always there for me
That's why I say
I will always love you.


Hear Them All

"This poem is all about my taste for music."  - NOT

I want to hear the concerto
The one that soothes my pains
And dries all my tears away
It gives me the greatest rhythm
That surpasses all other music.
I want to hear the Guumbe
The one that makes me leap like a frog
The one that makes me wriggle my waist
Like the movement of a maapuka dancer.
I want to hear the piano
The one that produces sharp sounds
It is like a cupid with an arrow
That shoots right through the heart
And gives me a passion for music.
I don’t want to hear the brass band
It sounds so much like a menagerie
I really detest it
Because it brings back,
Horrible memories to life.
I don't want to hear the flute
That sounds like a howl
The one that sends me crawling under my bed
And makes me feel,
As horrid as a murderers dream.


Dear Friend

How it hurts so badly
When I'm not in love anymore
I thought it will heal my past wounds
Not at all!
It created holes in my heart
Sent arrows piercing me!
It hurts so badly that I can't trust anyone anymore.

Dear friend,
Why should a relationship depend on love?
I know love is a fruit of the spirit
But is love as precious as a gem?
All I need to know
Is the truth about love!
Because I don't want to fall in a trap
Especially one that will be larger than life!

Dear friend
It seems as if all depend on me
To change my negative concepts about love!
But haven't I heard that love is...
Patient, kind and rejoices with truth?
And am I not moved and inch?
Yes I am!
But I have to be sure this time
Not to fall in a giants pit

I will cry! Cry and cry!
For God to hold me through life's journey,
Teach me what love is all about
So that I can love everyone
The way I should.