The Sierra Leone Web

  Lisa Rackstraw - born in Britain, living in America, introduced to Sierra Leone through the Koroma Family from the Sandor Village in Kono, a graduate of Bowie State University and Vice President of a non-profit in Washington, D.C., Lisa devotes time to volunteering with NGOs with an interest in Sierra Leone.  


Senses of Sierra Leone

The smell of the orange dirt
The feel of the heat on my face
The sounds of wildlife do not die
The greeting smiles with open arms a wait.
The senses come alive on arrival at Lungi.

The natural beauty of Lumley
The contrasting greenery of Waterloo
The breathtaking view from Tower Hill
The towering magnificent Cotton Tree
The senses find finery beyond their fill.

The array of colors at King Jimmy Market
The smells of smoked fish, the taste of peanut soup
The colors of finely tailored gowns
The cries of calls to sell their goods
The senses are besieged in leaps and bounds.

The gift of a chicken
The giving of a gown
The sharing of some Palm Wine
The exchange of stories through proverbs
The senses are enveloped in a culture so fine.

The sadness that it is over
The tears that flow as helicopters rise
The realization of a journey at end
The affirmation that I'll come again
The senses are a live, for now on I'll send.