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  Komba Sam-Sumana lives in Minnesota in the United States. He is from Freetown, Sierra Leone.  


Cheating on the Poor

When shall it stop?
While we are living a good life
Some are still poor
And we want to take from them
From the little they get
Causing innocent pain
Because of our cruel aims
Causing death to the poor cities
Mainly the African age
Out of our hypocrisy
We causing iniquity
On the poor cities
While our kids go to school
Others are roaming the jungle
Every day is the same dirty games
When I look at the news
All I see is a brother killing a brother
After it get sold from the suburb
To the hood as I call it
Killing millions a day
Because of the quest they live under
They get to take it underground
Selling drugs guns and sometimes
The ladies them selves
There is no rest
Unless you get crush
By the big guy
Who killed old Jake!
Who never did anything?
When shall our cruelty stop?
On the innocent and loyalist
Of these poor cities
Who live on war?
Where millions kids get kill
Dying on the hands of their mothers
Who don't know anything?
Can't do anything.
While our kids play with monkeys
Mom and dad get money
No need for them to hurry
But some still worry
No food or education for his or her kids
When shall the selfishness stop?
Giving billions to war
Instead of helping the poor
Giving a million
When they need twenty six billions
When shall they pay the trillion?
That our ancestors failed to lived on.
When the cheating stop.