The Sierra Leone Web

  Kim Varzi was inspired to write the following poems after reading Human Rights Watch reports and testimonies on the conflict in Sierra Leone and the effect of the conflict on women.  


I May Have Lost My Hand, But Have I Lost My Soul?????

I had heard of this before,
But did not believe it
Until you entered through the door
All clad in green,
rifle new and clean
yet one could see through the fatigue
the soul transformed
persuaded to carry the rifle as though it were your mother

and yet, my brother you entered
you pillaged my home
raped me of all I owned
you were not satisfied
no, you pulled from your other side,
the dull blade
with which my hand went away

and soon you will find
that I shall shine through my mind
I shall bear fruit similar to the mango you eat
I shall let my leaves grow
I may have lost my hand
But you cannot take away my soul…


A Flower That Never Bloomed

I had heard of this before,
but believed it could not be
until you approached me
"Get on the floor"

up down, up down
was pleasure even found?
I didn't even know what it meant
you took away all that God had sent

what I wear does not matter
it can never cover up the latter
what I see has no meaning
for you took away my being

all this, and only at the age of thirteen
and you, rifle new and clean
all clad in green…