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  Kelvin Terry was born on 12th September 1980 in Freetown. He attended the Sierra Leone Grammar School and later enrolled in IPAM, the University of Sierra Leone, where he graduated with Bsc inBusiness Administration. He is currently working for Bank PHB (SL) Limited.  


The Sleeping Glory

Someone needs to wake me up
That, I'm really in need of
I thought I knew the rising sun but only before now
Is there a world around me anymore?

Someone needs to wake me up
I think my world is barred
When does the night elapse?
Before now I thought it should

Someone needs to wake me up
In my dreams maybe I'm long gone
Or maybe to you it seems
Yet I don't have to keep sleeping

Someone indeed needs to wake me up
Enough I know I have slept
Aching pains now come from my left
Where I lay all night

Can someone please wake me up?
I've pleaded till voice I have no more
Words but little
All that's left are my dwindling eyes

But with it lies glory
That which knows no status
Only a partner to silence
Yet someone needs to wake up


My ache lies underneath

Today I complaints, morrow I'm blamed
For all you use to render was love
You made me sleep whiles you watch
But my ache lies underneath

My ache lies underneath
Till now I have no mouth
Your voice was my courage
Wrapper you bring at the cold chilly night
And pure wine at mid-summer

It lies underneath still
I suffer all because my wine is being shared
Now you've made yourself no herb to my wounds
Instead you chased like a country-fly
Indeed it lies underneath

And my only cure is your care
I kept hearing your voice o'er my ears for the wrong you use to ignore
Now, like gnat at midnight
My ache lies underneath