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  Kaira Jawaneh. No biography available.  



I sit in the valley alone as I hear cries
Reminiscing about the glory days
I cry for what i hear and see
This land that I love so well in turmoil
I remember the days not too long ago
Its name meant love harmony and peace of course
Boys and girls would play hide and seek till late at night
Junctions filled with pan lamps of petit traders
who gave their best to make ends meet
And students hurried to school in the morning
Not worrying what the end of day might bring

But gone are those days
Replaced with nightmares and terrors
Children no longer worry about grades
Nor do they worry about learning to write
Being deprived of the right to a hand
Young girls have lost their right to chose their partners
As they are tossed around as objects
Young boys with so much more to learn
And so far away from manhood
Are bearers of kalachnikovs and murderers of their family

I cry so hard my vision is blurred
I no longer recognize friends
Family I seem to not have
As all have been displaced
Ma in one camp and pa in another
Sisters are yet to be heard of
Some brothers abducted some killed
Some guerillas now

But we will rise again
We will bury the dead
Rehabilitate our young
And rebuild our nation too
Do not ask me when
Do not ask me how
But we will smile again
We will go fishing
We will go swimming
And we will return home safe and without fear

Sierra Leone will mean peace love and harmony again I swear.