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  Ivan Samuel Cole is from Kissy and attended the Methodist Boys' High School. He now lives in Oakland, California, U.S.A.  



She is sinking,
Sinking into the abyss of despair.
Her brain is striken And her mind is stifled.
She has been enervated.
Her integrity is being manipulated,
Irrationality acts as spring board to moral decadence,
Opacity then entangles her efficiency
While her eminence sleeps.
She became vulnerable.
Poor thing, she is raped, maimed and looted.
Has she not been violated?
Does her plight warrants a revolution?
However, she demonstrated.
She shrilled,
"No!", "No!"
She pleaded with her predators.
All these were to no avail
Her future seems gloomy
As the predators succeeded in orchestrating yet another tragedy.
Engulfed in this evident realm of adversity.
She sits and ponder
With tears flooding her miserable cheeks.
She then cried,
I am sinking,
Sinking into the abyss of despair.


The Vulture

Sparkling with precious stones,
Credited for its aboriginal tone
Carpeted with flat grassland and lion-like mountains
, Is the land where the vulture reigns.
Celebrated for his greed,
He deprieved all his relations of their needs.
He dances to the rhythmic melody of bribery
And lend the land to ultimate misery.
With his delusion shrouded in cosmetic words
He appoints humiliation and frustration to be his lords.
Relatives fortunate to labour in Winter and Summer
Strives to oblige helping hands to the beggar
But to no avail.
As vandalism fueled with violence prevails.
This evident atmosphere of injustice,
Nurses an intense spirit of malice
Which when at its peak
Permits commotion to speak.
The pack up! Pack up! sound of the gun
Hints that another catastrophe has begun.
Villages were ravaged.
In every town there is carnage.
"Oh, my people are being taken to the cross
I will uproot my lords with a force,"
Flattered the psychopath
As he plans another of his unbearable wrath.
Yet he has "Pledge" his "Love and Loyalty"
To bring to our land, "Peace, Freedom and Prosperity."
I dont have to fight to eradicate this anguished plight,
With the pen's might I will amplify his callous deeds in broad daylight