The Sierra Leone Web

  Imani Pamoja  


Genetic Memories

Genetic codes
infiltrate my memories
Lifting me to sacred abodes
and times unknown
Invading my psyche with glimpses of ancient times
"The Truth will set you free"
But these re-occurrences
just won't let me be
The knowledge I've been privy to
has taken me on
a whirlwind journey
The truth of humanity frozen,
Capsized, buried in time
Remnants of its presence chiseled,
embedded in secret chambers of my mind
These harrowing truths
come to surface
every so often
flooding my conscious
with unbelievable messages
from long ago
How can this be...the sea a conduit
of fragmented civilizations
The earth's movements
and the truths
of the people
who have moved as the sea
Moved their lands
while moving them to
different destinies...Genetic Memories?