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  Ibrahim Saspo Bangura AKA "Ibsas" went to primary school at the Practising School in Port Loko, and later attended the Government Secondary School for Boys at Magburaka. After his O Levels he attended the Port Loko Teachers College for a year before before leaving for the United States in 1989. He now lives in the State of Maryland.  


Sa Lone

The Fathers have no hands
the mothers still weep from the loss they have had.
There children are lost so they cry.
Who is going to till the land?
Oh Sa Lone
Blood has been shed
unbelievable atrocities portrayed.
Drugs, bombs and guns
took over a land of God.
Oh Sa Lone
Sorrow cannot overtake us
bad blood will not overthrow us
righteousness will consume us,
wisdom will control us,
our zeal will lead us,
our strength will till the land.
Our children will smile
there mothers will laugh,
the youths are back,
with righteousness, wisdom and strength to rearrange the land.
Oh Sa Lone
In there graves they will rest
innocent souls who died in a war with no reason.
Blessed be their souls.
Oh Sa Lone
your children did not die for nothing
their blood will not go in vain.
We shall be bold to rebuild a nation that's made out of gold,
shaped like a diamond the true republic will be known to the world,
not only as Sierra Leone , but as a paradise made out of gold.
Oh Sa Lone
From Sugarloaf to Bintumani, from Wusum to Fort Thornton
there will be joy and laughter like we used to know.


Barbarians at the Gate

Take a look at the picture books,
watch the news.
Read about it in the papers
the are fighting out of the blues.

Children are dying,
mothers are weeping
fathers are fighting
till this day i know not why.

Barbarians at the gate
pull up the draw bridge too much war.

Children are suffering
what happened to farming, making fine wine and chanting?
building fine structures and singing sweet tunes.
We say we are civilized
by making weapons of mass destruction,
we say we are civilized by sending children to war.

Barbarians at the gate
pull up the draw bridge and flood the carnal
we cant let them in
they are causing problems for the children.

Barbarians at the gate
open up your bible and say a prayer
cause we are of he who is greater than he who is in the world.

Barbarians at the gate
we have to give thanks and praises to the king of kings.
He is the conquering lion of the tribe of Judah


Food for Thought

Your roots are your fruits
Please know yourself,
And make precious your roots.


We Are One

I take you back to Genesis
back to Eden. He created two kinds, man and woman
 never said what color they were just human.

We are one
way back from Eden God made us even.

All the way to Babel
we showed our talent, he came from above and gave us different tongues,
so we would search our words to better the world.

We are one.
What is love?
Love is the world. It had no form or void,
but out of love he created this garden,
for us to adore and testify. 
Even today he is the best. 
We are one. 
Like a car with its chassis as its foundation 
Like mankind, love is our foundation, like that dove from above you cannot change Gods love. 
Even the most evil man/woman in the world has who he/she loves.

Love is love 
we just have to understand this feeling we feel deep within. 
This love. Never mistake, never underestimate love. 
It is more powerful than the world.

I choose love, like that dove that descended from above.

Love is love 
we are all one 
You cannot devour Gods love.



My brothers and sisters strive in foreign countries for their daily bread.
They left their home land because of war and devastation.
We build not guns or bullets in our country,
yet war lasted so many years.

We have become cursed with the wealth of our country.
We have become refugee's in foreign nations.
When i look into the eyes of my brethren
i see tears of sorrow.
When i look into the eyes of my sisthren
i see tears of pain.
No more tears of laughter,
no more tears of joy.

Oh! Sugarloaf
your children suffer in strange lands.
Oh! Bintumani
don't let us be strangers in our own right.

Those at the round table in Fort Thornton should seat down and remember,
Sierra Leone used to be a paradise,
even Bai Bureh will concede.
Sir Milton will wonder why his people are strangers in a strange land,
Mammy Yoko will cry for her children.
this is the time to rebuild our country,
invest in the people,
look to our past and rebuild our nation.

When i look into the eyes of my brethren
i see tears of sorrow,
when look into the eyes of my sisthren
i see tears of pain.

Refugee's in a strange land
no more tears of laughter
no more tears of joy.

Blessed be our nation,
blessed be those who seat in Fort Thornton,
that the Lord will grant them the wisdom to build a paradise,
so we will not be strangers in our own right that they will build a nation that will bring back,
those tears of joy, those tears of laughter.

Refugees in foreign lands,
may the Lord bless us that we may see better days.

Blessed be those that passed away.
Blessed be those in foreign lands.
Blessed be the rulers of today.
Blessed be Sa.Lone.


Love Me for Me

When you say you love me.
Love me cause you know not why.
Don't love me for my comely grace,
Or my face.
Not for how I walk or talk,
Not for riches or poverty.
Don't love me for my harmony or how I think,
Love me cause you love me.
That's how I feel.

All things physical wither and die,
Love is forever,
It's all how you feel.

I have kissed many,
Many I have touched, and left feeling dizzy
With this feeling, this feeling of love,
A glory that's deep within.
Its in you, its in me, it's in all of us.

Don't love me for riches or poverty
Neither for the way I talk or walk
Nor for my harmony or comely grace.

When you say you love me,
Never mistake.
Cause its a glory that lies within,
It cannot be faked.
When you love me.
Love me just for me...


Stranger in My Own Life

My brothers have to know if its me they are rolling with, 
My sisters have to know if its for their benefit. 
The world has to know if they are dancing with the beast. 
I want to know if you mean what you speak.

Stranger in my own life, 
they are checking me like I am the beast, 
stranger in my own life, 
I just want what is mine in this beat.

Beauty came to me, 
they tell her he is not worth it, 
my money came to me and they say he does not deserve it. 
I know my brethren deny me like Peter did Christ, 
but God said to me
See the world with your own eyes.

Stranger in my own life 
my dreams are not even mine 
stranger in my own life. 
This world is a disguise. 
My brothers say." Is it really you or evil in disguise." 
Its always been me, you've got to open your eyes.

You make me a stranger in my own life, 
you claim a doubt on me, you have got the devil's eyes. 
They will destroy our kind, 
you've got to open your eyes and put God in your life.

Don't be a stranger in your life. 
Don't be a disguise. 
Don't be a disguise in his eyes. 
For you cannot hide from his sight. 
Don't be a stranger in your life.