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  Ibrahim Kamara is a young aspiring writer born in Freetown. He attended the Holy Trinity primary school at Kissy Road and then proceeded to the St. Edwards seondary school at Kingtom where he sat both his B.E.C.E and W.A.S.S.C.E, respectively. As of 2015 he had been out of school for some time due to financial constraints, but he developed a passion for books and in turn began a career of his own. He still hopes to go to college and continue his career in the future.


When I Dream of Thee

I wrote this poem for our 50th independent anniversary celebration and though I felt a sense of loss, I also was optimistic about our future to rise above our challenges as a nation.

I watched my land in my lap
There's a bold reflection of pain I cannot hide
The mutiny of those dark days re-haunt my blood with rage
As the face of this land remain a nightmare to the sea
How much dead or fled can I name
Over our wounds

Being born so long
We still host our victimization
But how could I desire another land
When I only dream of thee

I can roam and rest only here
I cannot hide my misery and
turn upon my land
Against our Gods'
For when I dream of thee
The beauty is boundless as
the sand
And Iam forever led by
your hand...

I Came Here and Witnessed it All

This is just about the current state of things and life through my eyes as a young man growing up in the midst of so much suffering.

I came here and witnessed it all
The indecent approach of reason and beauty
To silence our humanity
Murder the peace meant to be

I came here and witnessed it all
The naked display of hate
The betrayal of friendship
To mock our own nature
Deceive our hearts to lead us astray
Away from the freedom of the day

I landed here and witnessed it all
The pump of power and swift exchange of fortune in the dark
To forget how home nurtured our souls
Blind us long against the light
Bond with distance bliss instead
Now at the expense of burning flames of strife within
To roam farther away with hearts devoid of love.

There's Nothing to Keep Us Stable

This is just a way to uplift our souls from the many challenges we face ever day as humans and above all a conscious effort to look beyond our circumstances.

There's nothing to keep us stable
Old wounds reminds us of our bleed
We might fall back on messy grounds
Distanced by loved ones without cause
Unless we weave wings to fly on our watch
Bond again with our heart's desire
We remain stranded on pits of despair
A glimpse of the light half away from our reap

There's nothing as guarantee to keep us at ease
Life sails on amidst the many-storms around
Sometimes we hung on alone in desperate leap to come through
With no sight of a hand to lean on
Except to embrace our tears in the dark
Face fear in the face without regret
Until we're strong enough to carry on by our own

There's no denying we can't fail here
Or struggle alone at some point in time
The journey is filled with strange surprises ahead
Sometimes we're knocked off by too much trust in the good
Forgetting things to change at a glance
Without our consent under the light
That we might remain down and lost for long
While a lifetime awaits to fit well our wings to fly on our own beyond here...