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Oh mighty Gods of my clan
what crime did i commit that i should be banned
my mother's face i can not see
and near my tribesmen i could not be
Strange ways and practices i am condemed to observe
my local traditions and customs
i cannot preserve
Dreams of coconut trees and sandy beaches
floats in my head
but traffic jams and snowstorm
is what i get instead
Peanut butter soup, kola nuts and palm wine
is all i crave
from Africa, beautiful Africa
home of the brave.


Africa's Greatest Problem

Africa's greatest problem is not poverty, diseases or terrorism,
but a lack of fundamental patriotism
What we have is an absence of self-sacrifice
and leaders with more virtues than vices
A continent so rich in natural resources
do not need the West or outside forces
What we need is a pledge of allegiance
based on our customs traditions and experiences
a solemn oath to uphold our citizen's basic rights and freedom,
not based on the western mold
Our leaders will be seen as noble
If they protect serve and love their people.
Instead of brutality, nepotism and corruption,
this great continent deserve
humility, dignity and devotion
so, to solve the problem that Africa encounters
we have to concentrate on what really matters.
Treat everyone with equality, respect and grace
and everything else will fall in place