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  Gbondeima Gbondo, at the time this poem was submitted, was a student at Fourah Bay College, University of Sierra Leone.  



Oh Elections!

Singing and dancing
Barrage of promises
Disappointment knocks.

It is time again
People don’t learn
The drinking and eating
The hangovers,
Deaf, dumb and blind.


International Observers come What to see?
From inside; through windows of posh 4 X 4s
Cosy hotel suites and lounges
The Diplomatic lie
(The elections were largely free and fair)

Kpana in the village
Knows no manifesto
Vote he will,
Flows and ebbs, tradition.

The president wins,
The remote politician wins
"I have the landslide victory,
I shout VICTORY!"

But victory for whom?
Who really wins?