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  Ezzidio Rahman Conteh was born on 10 October 1995. He attended the Albert Academy Secondary School.  



Where are you from?
This land you bring sorrows
With catastrophe, you come
Leaving orphans, widowers and widows
Our economy, you vandalise
Your wickedness all've realise

Who you think you are
For there is the creator
Dangerous, you are
Coming from vulture
Like wind you spread
So as many dead

How dare you! How dare you!
Changes you've bring
But thy power is o've you
Pain and sorrows, you bring
Despite all committed
At last you will be defeated

What wrong done?
You choosen the poor
Here, you come
With poverty more and more
Spreading all over
Putting us in wonder

You destroying us
With your sky rocket
Which runs like horse
Fighting we'll with every bullet
Utopia is your place
By God's grace

In sorrows we lives
Like dogs we've been buried
Day to day, we griefs
Worries and sorrows filled
With hope lost
Wickedness is in must

Ground level is education
From bright to dark night
Here too is corruption
And it is in some heart
Diverting funds to their pocket
While the masses are with empty bucket

I blame you,not
But Satan, your father
Will be in that hot
Corruption, your sister
Will be thrown away
And you all will have no way

Your uncle, racism
Will be embarrass
While your aunt, tribalism
Will have no resting place
You all will be in isolation
With no more transmittion

Injustices, hatredness and wickedness
Which are your siblings
Will leave in shame and use useless
Despite, all you've brings
A lot you infected
While all are affected

United we are and ready
Your compatriots will be rooted
For joining the fight are many
And more united
Victory will be mile and wide
For God is on our side

Step by step, Little by little
The Journey goes on
Drawn is the battle
Things learned will keep us on
With faith in God
Greater is thy word

let come together and fight ebola.


Tears of Sorrow for a Brother I Lost

In loving memories of my late brother (Abu Bakarr Conteh) aka Pope Totti who passed away on the 6 March 2014.

-Stand in shadow and silence
As you take your last breath
The atmosphere was cool and silence
The unknown has come, death
Your words become mute
With grief I write this note
The right place I pray
- So peaceful and calm with no violence
The time comes with much health
Full of coolness just like an ice
Now it has put us apart, death
Forgiveness I ask for, to anyone he has hurt
" My Mother and Sisters are the three Queens of my life "your words I cot
Oh God, forgiveness and mercy upon him I pray
- Life is like a solid substance
When to liquid it melt
Encouraging words you always give me till the night of your last breath
Your days on earth will never be forgotten, for your days was so smooth
And full of astute
Ahead of you, I see a brighter day
- The hour of indolence
Tears roll down my eyes, as you take your last breath
The Almighty is your guidance
Oh invisible death
Your memories will always be in my heart and I will never forget that silence day and month
Your words, good times and memories, I reflect on as I write this note
Paradise will be your way