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Etaniel Ben Yehuda, whose artistic moniker is 'E as Poetlove Water', is a New York-based Poet/Writer/Actor/Musician. He studied International Studies and minored in African Studies at Virginia Commonwealth University (USA). Mr. Ben Yehuda is the author of The Chronicles of Air, Water and the Source (iUniverse Publishing, 2012), which garnered recognition as top ten finalist for 2012 Best New Author Award by National Black Book Festival. Mr. Ben Yehuda has performed throughout the United States and contributed writings to several publications. The second book, The Cells of the Tissue that Should Feel, scheduled to be released in Fall 2013.

Through, Etaniel learned that his matrilineal roots are of the Mende tribe of Sierra Leone in July 2013. You may learn more about his literary works by visiting and




When Afrikan lips kiss
Gratitude is expressed to the Ancestors
The determination of Sunrise or Sunrise goes forth
The cells of the Pyramids are solidified

When Afrikan lips are locked
The waters create the borders of Earth
Mama seeks our Papa
Fire and rain simultaneously

When Afrikan eyes meet
Warm darkness overtakes the soul
The Spirit graciously bows in reverence
The mind instantly solves higher math problems

When Afrikan eyes call
Magnetic waves rule
The feet have no say
This choice invokes tears of joy

When Afrikan tongues roll
Cities are erected
The stars collide expressing glory
The Sun darkens in peace

When Afrikan tongues call
Radiant vortex immensely draws
Time zones to hideaway
Surpassing our rules


The Walk Over Water

Reached the end of my rope
Pulling the ends of my wits
Abstracted the path on a map
That I have always owned
Now, I am able to read it

Look so deep within
Eyes with precision of a microscope
To find my clan
Packed up my bags
To take this walk over water

Although the Atlantic Ocean is vast
I will take it one leap at a time
Never fearing my feet will slip
Beneath an alliterative surface
Many hands to keep me afloat

Reversals of Ma'afa
Middle passages carrying me to the end
Tears adding to the gallons
Of waters that showered despair
Drowning hopes of tomorrow

Not quite
My journey continues
Approaching the shore
Where thousands await my arrival
Return to solve the mysteries

Discovering my others
I take a break
As the ocean's surface
Provide an oxymoronic provision
A soft bed for my collapsed body

Overwhelmed by the smiles
Light of genuine spirits
Elders lead, Relatives follow
I arise in full vertical
To collapse again

Surrealism painting
Visions of realism
As the Mende, they are called
Sound the alarm
Requesting my return home
Homesicknessā€¦an understatement
Life's wheels keep on turning
Proud people kept on yearning
For the reappearance of loved ones
Drying off my feet

They get wet again
Drowned by a flow of tears endless
Unstopping the passion of distance
Stifled by blindness, not seeing the map
Collapsed into the arms of the Chief

"You fell in perfect place, perfect time!
Welcome Son! We've been waiting your arrival."
Your Revered Ancestor of a mother
Has already placed her feet on this soil
Family Reunion commences