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  Dennis Tamba Essequi was born in Freetown. At the age of 14 he left Sierra Leone for Ghana due to his country's civil war. He attended school in Accra until 2001, when he moved to the United States.  



When I think of you,
I think about the knowledge you are impacting in me.
When I glance at you,
I think of what you are helping me to become.
When I focus my mind on you, and my attention,
I picture the kind of love you have for me.

When I am working on my assignment,
I remember the jokes that you shared with me.
Whenever I don't perform well on my tests,
I think of the attention that I never paid in class.

Oh my goodness! I always and will ever remain
To admire you and your hard work.
Courageously you stand the whole day long,
Throat dried-up like desert sand.

Cheeky and silly words you receive.
Your passionate voice like a mother—
May you be acknowledged and respected by us students!
Oh my teachers, you are more than what you are.
May you live long on earth and reap the good seed you sowed.
I will always respect you.


"The way we were brought in to this universe through nature inspired me to write this short poem." -DTE

You Are Mine

You came to the world through your mother.
You messed on me since you were an infant;
As a toddler, you creep on me.

Who am I to you?
Regard me, for out of me you were taken
And to me again you will return.
You take me to be regardless,
Worthless, and useless.

I am the earth.
The wind blows, thunder cracks,
The sun shines, the moon shines,
And yet I have not changed.

Don't look at me with one eye!
Don't walk on me as if you are an angel!
Don't spit on me like that!

Be respectful to me.
I am yours and you are mine
Out of me you were taken and
To me you will return because
You are my goods and I am your keeper.


"These are the steps one should follow to gain the world." -DTE


He who is down need fear no fall
He who is low knows no pride
He who is humble ever shall
Have God to be his guard.
Those are the realities of life.

Be gentle and learn more.
Be honest and gain the World.
Be social and you get to know many.

Be aware of this:
Notoriety is not the criteria for popularity.
Be the best you can be and be glad you are you.

These are the realities one should take.
Never say never...never say 'I can't' until you try it.
For everyone has a gift from God
and you just need to discover it.
These are the realities.


"This poem was written in memory of the terrorist attacks on the United States on September 11, 2001." -DTE


I harboured you in time of need.
I danced to your drums—
Thought you would be a man of reason.
Strongly, I stood up for you
Opposed every opponent of yours.

But, you turned around and betrayed me.
I made your life full of joy but
You victimized my heart.

You betrayed me.
Happy memories have turned to
Evil plans and thoughts.
With luxury you were provided.
When the battle got tough
You hid yourself in shame and guilt.
I stood by you and became foe of your foes.

My scars are deep and still bleed
All because of you, but
You betrayed my eyes which were used to spot
Your enemies and
My feet, on which I stood strong against them.

It pleases you to betray.
Thinking you are the toughest
You betrayed me, but...

You gave me awareness of pain.
My security, you made me strengthened.
I am filled with grief to the brim of my heart.
I will never forget you.


"This is an inspirational poem about the adventures you take in life to reach your goal." -DTE


Take advice of weakness
Move in for the risk.
Never look back from where you came from.
Take more than you can accumulate.

Always take baby-steps before giant leaps.
Learn that success comes in great effort heaps.
Fear not being a foreigner, but stay and behave like one of them.

Develop an identical style and let it be the goal of the game.
So many drams, so many times,
So many adventures during one's lifetime.

Be sure that
You reach for your dreams.
Do what you are told.
Know who you are.
Be daring and bold.
Make a plan for your life.

To yourself, be truthful.
Hold your head up high and be proud to be yourself.