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Daniel Ajayi was born in Nigeria, had lived in Ghana and schooled at the republic of Benin. His passion for writing poetry took him to the quest of diversity. He mostly writes from what he sees, heard, study and have feelings for.





It's one another precious gift
In the year of one glory
Becoming unique
As you passed through fire
Charming the fine blade to protect.

There are tantamount of you
But non secure the voice you gave
None knows what your eyes seek
Your gaze saw jaws that break record
with a natural harbor
Freetown stands.

Like the flow of river
Battered from the unknown
We were only told this stories
So we can tell our children the glories
In fame and lame
Clothed our nakedness

Discovery was one in ages
Carries a lonely heart
It wasn't easy with the pains
But we secured seal never to
make mockery.

Wails for Peace

Why naked bullet into the body of innocent
Trying to bury jewels meant to nourish

Why make us hopeless as a return for trust
They were the ones who attended to you at birth

Please why tarnish our name with your riches
When you know good name are better than possessions

Why make us dig 6 feet for our child
All for the sake your unrighteous ambitions

Tell me why make us fast till death
When we got the food others don't have

Why do this to me and my generations
When we have done well to serve father's land.