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  Cindy Lalonde began writing poetry at a very early age, and has published many poems on She currently lives in California, U.S.A. "I write for my children, so they may know me when I am gone. I write for those who have suffered a loss. I write to keep my spirit in check and my heart aligned with the blessings I've received in my life."  


For Lansana

He is a man.
A man of strength.
A man of humility.
A man from a distant land.
A man of great conviction.
He is a man.

His smile lights the night sky.
His presence is evident.
His stature is bold.
His demeanor is beautiful.
His spirit is lovely.

He comes from a place I know little about.
A place of great beauty.
But a place of suffering as well.
It is a place in history.
A place he calls home.
I long to know of this place.
Of its people.
Of its culture.
Of its heart.
He lives here in America
But his heart is in Sierra Leone.

I do not know what God's intentions are.
I will accept whatever it is.
I will leave this destiny in His hands.
I only know this:
I must know this man.
He brings me joy.
He brings me comfort.
He brings out the best in life.
He is a man of God.
He is a man.