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  Boima S. M. Moriba was, at the time this poem was submitted, a student at Fourah Bay College, University of Sierra Leone.  


Fear No More the Sound of the Gun

Fear no more the sound of the gun,
Though the memory of the horror remain.
The days of running and hiding is done,
And is now time for us to refrain,
From the atrocities that was begun,
By those of us who were in pain.

It is now time for us to vote
For he, who can save us from hunger,
Thirst and all that made us revolt,
Burnt, loot as well as plunder.
Only this will make us devote
Our lives and stop to asunder,
That which God gave us to dote.

So let us cast our marbles right,
And put into power the one person
Whom God has given the might.
Having thoroughly learnt our lesson,
We are now ready to stand up bright
And put in place the good that was missing.

Vote not for friends or relations,
Who abandoned us and went abroad with speed,
After pushing us to destruction.
With the desire to persuade and lead,
They are now returning, after our liberation,
We, whom they neglected, in time of need.

Think wisely! Vote wisely!