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  Askia "Med" Hassan  


Blow; Flow and Grow...

"Dedicated now at the future: Mariama, Nina, Cynthia, Dennis, Askia"

Beneath the trees
I face the breeze.
It blows
And blows
and blows

I look ahead with promise
Hope the tide might rise
To flow
And flow
and flow

I stand on the ocean edge
Ready to pledge
To grow
And grow
and grow

Not on land
A wish at hand
To own
And own
and own.


The Journey

Time is natures equalizer
Breeding forth desires
Fanning egos
Confusing thoughts
And saddening thoughtless moments
Great chances vanishing ahead
Bending our hopes
Lavishing our dreams.
Oh life, what a journey in futility!


Poetic Illusions: Nature's Designs

It's such a beautiful day
But no time to pray
Just to play
Hoping that winter will disappear
But no time to spare
To welcome the spring
Like bells in our ears to ring
Why drown in sorrow?
When life like a loan we borrow?
The wish of nature cannot be defied -
Have courage; stand firm, for a life fulfilled!


The Wisdom of Our Sanctity

I am the father of my imagination
The son of my actions
But aren't you the brother of my misfortune
The sister of my dilemma?

I demand no answer.
Your silence is understandable

Beneath the cruelty of your profanity
I dare you evoke the wisdom of our sanctity
The serenity of our turbulence

Indeed we are