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  Ana-Delmar Pachanga currently lives in Brazil. She is married to German Johan Schutze. She has been working as a model since 2000, and occasionally writes poetry.  


Our People

Let them know I'll be there later oh yeah
I'm going to join Olodum that's next to happiness
It's been called a volcano
The stamping echoed in the four corners of the world
In less than a minute, in seconds
Our people say it well they dance it best
The gringos got in tune with the frolicking
The gods equating all the enchantment all that's transacted
The rattling of the drums gratifies
Whoever stays can't imagine going back
Affection at first sight
The kiss - lipstick that won't come off
The expression of the face identifies it
Let them know Let them know Let them know
Let them know I'm going


The Things

City immense
Think what is and will be and was
Think about the bull
Enigmatic mask bull
Have pity
Mega city
Count your children
Sing with your bells
The intense happiness
That loses itself and is found in you
Light dilutes and densifies itself
Think yourself