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  Alex R. Dove Bangura was born in Bo of a Creole mother and a Temne father. He studied in England and Belgium. Currently he lives in Dakar, Senegal with his wife and son.  


A Soul for all Religions

Spawned before your pristine whiteness
Was 'my' birth in all its blackness?
Proof of this certainty you hold scientific
Yet, your whiplash attitude is so horrific
However, carry on with your grandiose ambitions
'I' am a soul for all religions

Contemplate the beauty of yon' black space
The crucible of life given our race
How droll…your seemingly selective diversity
Dares even intrude on pious religiosity
While constant time ticks on and on
Regardless of gene, protein or proton

Though absolutely uncertain of the universal bang
Assertively you create the notorious nuclear gang
In addition, zillions spend on future fantastic
Caring zilch if "I' end up choked on plastic
However, carry on with your grandiose ambitions
'I' am a soul for all religions

Via Kuo-ming in the Cambrian annals
Twines our tapestry: caustic racial manuals
Such laughable declarations of equity: in plights?
When never have so few enjoyed maximized delights?
Regardless of gene, protein or proton
'I' am a soul for all religions


War No More Children of the Lion Mountains

Justify with universal reason this civilized butchery
When from blameless wombs seeps demoralized lechery
And in virgin minds is sown redeemless treachery
Purify then, for future generations this soulless tapestry

"…war no more children of the Lion Mountains
hate spew no more from your venerable fountains…"

"Weep, yes weep your bloody war ravaged tears Lion Nation
Mothers grieve the daughters' savaged condition
Shame on you brother for the child of limbless ambition
Pity you not the suffers of such senseless amputations?

"…these ten long years of brutality suffice for,
the generations yet unborn must bear the sacrifice… "

Ï down cry your blood thirsty revolutions: this war devilish!
When global good instead we can for populations accomplish
Oh! But utopia to live not just dream: this war is churlish!
Towards peace league of mortals let's scheme and cherish

"…war no more children of the Lion Mountains
quench your thirst at sugar loaf's fountains…"

Insanity could not waste so woefully wanton prescribe
Yet to your cause diabolic I should gleefully subscribe?
While you ignore that life, like death, is without tribe
I pray, oh Supreme One , in our hearts peace sprout, inscribe.


My Democratic Pie

It is my democratic right, is it not,
ere my last grain of life is lost
to think, say and do my desired lot

What should I care if your millions die
I will have and eat my democratic pie.

Nations will I topple in the name of democracy
their indigenes forever
doomed to share collective bankruptcy

Burn bright flame of a democrat
I care not for the rat

Yours the better to destroy
this ambition I will build
fie! the follies of fools: thwart not my ploy

Success comes to those fair of skin : who dare
not to those who fear

To the depths of Hades goes the plutocrat
And support me you must,
minion of a democrat!


Father to Son

Father to son under one starlit cloudless sky,
'Do you see that bright star yonder high ?
It and all else above, beyond, under and nigh'

'Each hair of head and dew drop bland
Blade of grass and grain of sand
Was shaped and perfected by His hand'

'Each ticking second and breath we pant
The which to replace like-wise mankind can't…
Then, let His praise be to you a daily chant'

'Oft these marvels I prayerfully ponder
Hoping that such bliss one senseless summer
Our seasonless squabbling should not squander

''For, amidst immortal plenitude reigns intellectual carnage
And instead of desiring this lunacy's salvage
Woe betides the multitude: in this day and age!'

'Though uncertain how far off the way the future lies
Hence we know, is sure, the soul's demise
Dear God, make gentle, we pray, our last surprise '.


Teach Not War

If every soldier were instead a teacher clothed to impart learning eternal not death,
Of knowledge and peace, earth-wide, what a wealth would be the lot of this worldly kind: one and all.
And were every bullet a pen and each landmine a book of positive instruction then, no child would lack.
And much the desire would the desire for the mime of written and spoken expression be.
If every gun over the anvil ever made were instead an harmonious instrument for constructive peace,
Each hamlet a Benjamin Franklin or Martin Luther-King in profusion would contain.
Think then, should every odious agent of mass annihilation: jewels to the mind lunatic,
Become envoys of universal satisfaction, no fear world-wide we'd find of the conqueror fanatic.
To our adult lovers of lore
Teach not war any more do you, we implore.


The Impossibility to Believe

In his mould of limited possibility
Mankind craves the creator's immortality
Yet from the blunderbuss to depleted uranium
Only acquires AIDS; GSM's and high priced platinum.
Forsaking the simple splendours of Mother Nature
To outer space he blasts out running his future
And when this should he achieve
Will he the impossibility believe...?


No Peace This Side of Paradise

Peace is once again in pieces this side of paradise and nation against nation is in this condition not solitary: Individual and state bed partners in anarchy, immorality, and fatality.

Nay shy not our collective guilt for this infernally blissful existence. Strange, this tale ,methinks, told some twenty-five centuries hence of wantonness, corruption and decadence

Peace is surely once again in pieces this side of paradise 'le point libido' sufferer of caprices. Beware seemingly endless time, lest the foolish desire of 'Dorian Gray' a monster produce one day.

Creation's certainty is to moon conquering man much a many-termed. Whence the big Bang? Who from cosmic whispers? Is scientific man the conclusion of universal chapters? 

Disgrace 'tis indeed an appalling shameful disgrace cherished, as we are, by the Divine ,yet we vaingloriously strut our puny endeavours: a wonder race! Woe those who fail to seek and pray the last embrace.

Peace is once again in pieces this side of paradise 'le point libido' sufferer of caprices: Civil strife running rife, and should not come afore Armageddon the peace wished this life…?


If Only...

If only were laughter enough
then life'd be a lot less tough

and religion'd be no fitting excuse
for our luv of hate, lust : murderous abuse

of earth, fellow beings and spirit
on nine-eleven "they" did it

and self-justified brutality was spawned
for this alone, surely not. were we dawned ?

there must be some other way if only we knew


Paradise Wasted

Oh, how I mourn, beauty Green, White and Blue
The stupidity of your sons and daughters for
the disgrace and scorn they shamelessly brought onto you
Your luscious hills and valleys once so virgin Green
Where bare feet afore Da Gamma did proudly tread
Now the pollution and filth of modernity demean
Your beaches and rivers so pure and White
Of yester-years now endure the blemishes
of false progress, ignorance and tainted delight
Oh azure sky and sea of glorious Blue
Become not for the future age paradise wasted
Storm and rant in rage let them rejoice to see a nation true