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  Albert Jerome Momoh resides in Freetown, Sierra Leone. He attended the Bo Government Secondary School for Boys, then later the Sierra Leone Grammar School and onwards to Fourah Bay College, University of Sierra Leone, where he majored in Sociology (B.Sc. Sociology).  


My Beautiful “Serra Lyoa” ( Sierra Leone )…!!!

My gracious, my picturesque, my beautiful “Serra Lyoa”*
Beauty is yours, cause beauty abounds
Beauty in the sea, beauty in the air, beauty beneath and above the ground

Has this innate beauty been your curse
Has this beauty made your inhabitants betray your trust
They’ve ravaged your beauty for diamond, rutile and gold dust

Though you’ve been ravaged by all sorts of barbaric savage
Like the good mother you are, you still accept all and sundry within your cleavage
Your receptiveness, your homeliness, your kindheartedness will always be your leverage

My beautiful Serra Lyoa, in this your scenic flora and fauna
You wouldn’t find “Fauna”*
But there is “radiant Mabinty” and “gorgeous Hawa”

My dear, you’ve always had handsome sons and beautiful daughters
Please my dearest, don’t mind all the previous bloodshed or human slaughter
For a new day is dawn, a day of fun, a day of love, were even butterflies happily flutter

Today is that new day, April 27th, my “beautiful pearl of the Atlantic Ocean ”
Today is the day you became an independent sovereign nation
This journey fifty years ago, led you to that noble institution called the “United Nations”

My dear as you continue this arduous journey of nationhood
We shall pray for your beauty to last, and for your indigenes not to betray your past
For though you were discovered by mishap, your discovery was meant to come to pass

My beautiful Serra Lyoa you have seen it all, the good, the bad and the ugly
And through all of this, some thought your beauty had flew
However though, you stayed true, you stayed true to the green, white and the blue

* A Portugse sailor and explorer, Pedro da Cintra in 1462 named this land Sierra Leone ; “Serra Lyoa” meaning lion range or Lion Mountain .

* (Modern latin; “Fauna” an ancient Italian rural goddess, sister of Faunus)

Who am I…???

Who am I
Many ask the Iye
I say me, myself, and I
A pure Rastafari
They all ask me why
Are you on a constant high

Knowing what’s worth knowing
Keeps life going
But trying to comprehend Iye’s life
Keeps you in a constant strife

I live for today
And let tomorrow be
Cause I believe
Most good things in life are free

My name is Albertino
Take my word its true
Tell me who are you
Cause the chosen ones are few

The Land of Dreams !!!

Moonlight has right
Cause sunshine has taken flight
That’s when it all starts
Noises of bats, rats and cats

Little ones are you indeed gone
To the land of chocolate ice-cream
Were rivers can be streams
To the Land of Dreams

Though they be hours of sweet and sour thoughts
Cherish them all like a hungry spider would a moth
For even though sleep resembles death
In the morrow there is still breath

Tarry not there
Please do return back here
For as there always would be rivers and streams
Likewise shall there be the Land of Dreams

My Angel Sia

Sia my darling Sia
You are my sunshine in a world of darkness
You are like the fulcrum to which I fasten my harness
In those early days when I was really depress
You were always there to see me through my stress

Sia my darling Sia
You are the epitome of love
And because of your love I feel elated
I’m soaring high above like a dove
My dear let’s always maintain this love
Cause with true love, there’ll be no obstacle we can’t resolve

Sia my darling Sia
Are you the one I’ve been searching for
From every dawn to every setting sun
Then if you are the one, let me go no further
But pray that tomorrow brings into both our lives
Love and lots of fun

Sia my darling Sia
I’ll live this life with you
And I’m ready to live the rest of my life for you
Cause the honest truth
Is that angels like you, are rare and few

It’s a Call, It’s a Call…!!!

The birds are singing
The wind is whistling
And love is flowing

We were meant to be
Oh yes, we were meant to be
It’s a call, it’s a call
That neither of us should flee

My boldness, my perseverance
And most of all my love for you
Has brought us together
So let’s please stay so forever

If winning your soul
Means I should cross the largest ocean
Then so shall I do
Without been stopped by any person, obstacle or nation

For you sweet melodious voice
Is like music to my ear
Which I hope to hear
Everyday, of every month of every year

Make a Name (MAN) !!!

Make a name
That’s my aim
Knowing what’s fame
Is part of life’s game

Name the game
It’s the game of fame
The fame game is not a blame game
Yet the game of fame still remains the same

Feel that flame
The flame of fame
God knows my aim
That’s to make a name

Is it Love…???

Is it love that I see in your warm lovely eyes???
Yes its love that I see and I know it’s not a lie.

Is it love that I feel when I hear you call my name???
Yes its love that I feel, cause I prefer it a billion times more than fame.

Is it love that I dream about when I lay my head to rest at night???
Yes its love that I dream about, cause the thought is in my head even in the morning light.

Is it love that I feel and I’m still thinking of Jennifer and Mia???
Yes its love that I feel and I shall henceforth think of none else but you my darling Sia.