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  Aisha Massaquoi was born in Boston, Massachusetts, U.S.A. and currently resides in the state of New Jersey. However, she spent several years in Freetown where she attended the Annie Walsh Memorial School from Form 1 through Form 5. She is currently pursuing a career "which will offer me much personal, professional and financial fulfillment."  


This Time…

I am happy to be happy;
To be loved, to love;
To discard the past;
To enlighten my present;
To patiently await my future;
And I see them, desperately,
Persistently, trying to invade me;
To darken my light;
But I will not be moved;
My faith will remain unshaken;
This time, my feet are firmly
Planted on the ground;
Praise God !



Silence is the loudest cry for help;
For more, for what and why;
It tickles your ears like distant echoes;
Vibrations will strike the ear-drum;
Yet sing a secret song
Silence is golden, worth as much as
A speck of light within a cave of darkness;
It often buys time, but usually cost
More simple explanations
Silence is my favorite answer to
"Do you love me?"
Because silence fornicates for
Orgasm's sake without a need
For props or high-fives¦
Silence will question your presence
In a room filled with loose lips
And silver tongues;
Silence is a soul mate in the heat
Of the moment;
Or a chill zone and a touch that
Means more than words allow
When you want me, to softly
Kiss your lips or massage your back;
Ask, silently, and I'll never refuse.


Wake Up Africa!!! "Who am I?"

Who am I?
The lost world, the beautiful garden
Of blissful ignorance, blessed with riches;
Gems too precious for the sinful piercing
Eyes of man to decipher;
Who am I?
That perfect sound of peace and harmony;
The music that runs through chaste rivers;
My forest ever so lush;
Filled with songs of stories from the jungle;
Told by the mysterious, feral branch perchers…
And the euphoric aura within that forbidden
Place is enough to mesmerize the mere mortal;
With lustful, passionate and taboo breaking
Emotions, inevitably molding the virginal clay
Of tomorrow's ordained monarchs;
Oh Yes, I am supreme, Indeed !