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  Aiah Fanday was born in Koidu and grew up in Freetown. He now lives in the U.S. state of Maryland. He is a graduate of the University of Maryland.  


"For all newlyweds! Marriage is a special time for sharing warmest thoughts and wishes." -AF

Together in Love

Together in Love, may the love you share become
a way of life and your dreams become tomorrow's memories.
Together in Love, may your hopes and plans become realities!

Together in Love, may you always know true joy
as husband and wife. Together in Love, may the special love you share
today grow and deepen through a beautiful lifetime.
Together in Love, may you always find the
very best in life growing closer day by day as husband and wife!

Together in Love, as you walk hand in hand
into the new millennium, may your love always be as
timeless and as beautiful as it is today. Together in Love, as you
enter into the sacred union of marriage, each of you brings
timeless traditions, unique sides of common heritage and
all your hopes for a new life together.

Together in Love, if you treat each other kindly with
compassion and with trust and always let your
tender feelings show. If you laugh together often and
enjoy the time you share; but give each other spaces to learn and grow;
if you understand your differences, respecting who you are and
put each other first in all you do, your marriage will be beautiful,
a reason to feel proud, and a special source of love your whole lives through.


"Years to come, this is how we ought to remember our fallen people." - AF

Memorial Day Tribute to Sierra Leone

From the tomb of our unknown people, to the silvered-haired crowns of our parents, from the shores of Kono, Pujehun, Kailahun, Bo, Makeni, Waterloo etc., etc., to the Atlantic's pearl-green waters and all the rivers in Sierra Leone, I wish to give tribute, a four starred salute for all those who fought and still fighting so bravely for our freedom.

A freedom that is yet to come for thousands of our people. Before, we took our rights for granted, now we have to re-earn it in red-blood. Through the deserts, sands, forest, rivers, swamps, hills and mountains, our poor folks have fought and suffered and died to escape the brutality and to secure our freedom. A freedom that is yet to come.

Today, we have no Memorial Day to remember our fallen folks, but they should be saluted in their rights as freedom fighters for democracy. I believe with time, Sierra Leoneans will one day set aside a day, a day we will all call Memorial Day.

Through braveness, guts and strengths, our freedom will be won once again.

Together, we can all remember our fallen Folks. Fallen, but not forgotten!!

May Allah/God bless then all.