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  Abdul Wahab Seisay was born and educated in Sierra Leone. He currently resides in the United Kingdom. he works as a Clinical Housekeeper for the National Health Service. All his life he has written short stories and poems. He is very passionate about his country and has a big dream for Sierra Leone going forward.  


Africa My Motherland

Africa my motherland, Oh how I don't know where you stand
What has happened since I went away?
Is it because I said I might not come back to stay?
Or is it because I've been away for so long?
Oh Africa I was gone just because of you.
How I wanted you to learn to grow strong
To always fight against all odds and be true

Africa my sweet Africa, I've not even been away for a while
Your brothers and sisters told me how you have changed your style
They say you have completely turned around, fallen flat to the ground
One shouts really bad, another shout sad, and another uselessness
They said corruption, nepotism, tribalism and ruthlessness, that's your new hobby
They told me how they hate you to be around
They claim you are too fussy

Africa my dear Africa
You are the most fruitful amongst all you sisters
Yet you behave like the most barren
With all you children walking away
Oh Africa you have really fallen
You are children they not coming back to stay
Oh dearest you bare the best of nature and treasure
Yet your children don't want to stay and get any of your pleasure

Woe to those of your children who are educated
Woe to them for not being dedicated
Woe to them for pretending to be frustrated
For they have no right to vow being rejected
You they should make the most precious
For you are amongst all the most courageous
Africa, Africa what is not in nature that you haven't got
Gold, Silver, Diamond, Oil, Bauxite, Iron Ore, you have the lot
So why did you leave them to rot
I taught you how to fight for what's yours not behind close doors

Africa, Africa, my Africa, you are the sweetest
You are the loveliest and the richest yet you are the poorest as you claim
Why don't you regain the powers that are vested in you
Yes it's true, your culture; your adventure; your talented spirits
Always lives your brothers and sisters wandering about you, yet they have no clue
Oh Africa, how I wish you promise me the way I have always dreamt of you
Those good old days, filled with compassionate grace
Filled with pure clean blue skies; with fresh green trees
With the purest of water; with the best loved whether
With peace in yourself; with books ready to be read of your shelves

Africa my dearest Africa, Mother Nature
How I will pray not to be adopted but be happy to be rejected
By those of your brothers and sisters that have no idea of how I would love to go back to you
Your smiling face that beautiful place I will always miss
With love and grace you will stand Africa My Motherland.