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The following document was circulated by the Armed Forces Revolutionary Council, and was received in November 1997. The text is presented as it appeared in the original, and has not been edited.


 In the Name of God
the Compassionate, the Merciful


During the visit of His Excellency Ahmed Tejan Al-Hadj Kabbah President of Sierra Leone to the Islamic Republic of Iran, expansion of cooperation between the Islamic Republic of Iran and Sierra Leon in the fields of mining and industry were discussed by Hon. Eng. Mahlouji, minister of Mines and Metals of I.R. of Iran and Hon. Dr. Prince Alex Harding, minister of Mineral Resources of Sierra Leone. In a warm and friendly atmosphere, both sides agreed the followings:

1) Regarding the rich mines of bauxite in Sierra Leone, the Iranian side expressed its readiness to dispatch technical experts for negotiation, and preparing feasibility studies of joint cooperation on Mokanji and Portloko baukite mines. These studies will be done in accordance with the Islamic Republic of Iran’s policy on mines exploitation as well as the permission of the government of Sierra Leone on transportation and exportation of exploited bauxite to any place in the world (i.e. Islamic Republic of Iran).

2) To utilizing the experience of each other in the fields of exploration, exploitation and processing of gold, both parties agreed to exchange their technical experts for studing different fields of cooperation and visiting the gold mines in Sierra Leone and Iran respectively. In the same context the Iranian side expressed its interest to utilize the Sierra Leone’s experience in the field of gold mining. The Sierra Leonean parth shall transfere the requested information.

3) Regarding the rich mines of diamond in Sierra Leone, the Iranian party expressed its willingness to encourage Iranian private enterprise for investment in diamond exploitation from Sierra Leone mines. For this reason, both parties agreed to exchange their technical experts in order to reach an agreement and study the practical ways.

4) Both parties expressed their readiness for joint cooperation in the fields of iron ore exploitation and exploration in Sierra Leone.

5) Both parties expressed their willingness to exchange the technical experience and expertise in different fields of their interest in mining as well as training of personnel of both countries.

6) The Sierra Leonean side reqursted the Iranian side the followings:

  1. To give assistance in an aerial survay to prepare more precise information about mineral deposits and to develope further its laboratory facilities.
  2. To enhance the policy of the Mineral Resources Ministry of Sierra Leone to increase the participation of the masses in exploitation of artisanal/alluvial mining.
  3. To provide technical and financial assistance to the Republic of Sierra Leone to rehabilitate mined-out areas.

The Iranian side woud consider positively the said items. Done in duplicate in Tehran on October 2nd, 1996 (11/711375) in Farsi/English language, both text being equally authentic.

Republic of Sierra Leone
Prince Alex Harding
Minister of Mineral Resources

Islamic Republic of Iran
Hossein Mahlouji
Minister of Mines & Metals