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Revolutionary United Front Command
Headquarters - Makeni
17th, August, 2001

United Nations
Special Representative-
to Sierria Leone
Ambassador Oluyemi Adeniji.

His Excellency,


Be informed that we have heard rumours in Freetown that our brothers: over 40 of them, have been taken to other parts of the Country from Pademba Road Prisons in furtherance of Non Compliance of Government releasing them.

It has now been confirmed by our supporters in Pujehun and Bonthe Island that Government has airlifted our brothers from Freetown to these areas of incarceration, not under UNAMSIL supervision but purely Kamajors. This is worrying the RUF for fear of their lives especially knowing the Government for Gross Human Rights abuses along with their Kamajors. Before the last release of our 17 brothers, almost all RUF Senior Officers were removed from their cells and packed up in a separate cell of Pademba Road Prison and now removed from there.

The RUF now want a team UN Human Rights Observers, other Human Rights Observers and a team of RUF to visit Pademba Road Prisons where they are all supposed to be, and at the same time visit Foday Sankoh wherever he is in custody of Government and the British. It is meaningless if our brothers and sisters are being held in Prison without being charged for any crime they may have committed for the past one year and four months, and both Government and RUF continue to preach Reconciliation.
We count on your immediate action of clarification of this information urgently in the interest of Sustainable Peace in Sierra Leone.

Yours faithfully

Gibril Massaquoi
Spokesman - RUF.

- UN Human Rights Observer to Sierra Leone
- Human Rights Watch
- The Press.